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Clark and Washington LLC

Organic (SEO) leads up 52% over the previous year PPC leads up 49.05% over the previous year

Ryan Montgomery Attorney at Law

62.79 percent increase in organic conversion rates in the first 6 months.


Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms

Would you rather be a hidden diamond in the rough, or the crown jewel of the digital empire? No matter how awesome your law firm is, no matter how good you are at what you do, if you don’t have a sound Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, no one will ever know about it.

We think it’s time you get the attention you deserve.


We put the search back in research

We can’t help you perform better online if we don’t know where you currently stand. That’s why one of the first steps we take is to conduct an in-depth audit of your firm’s online presence. Once we have a good idea of how things are, we’ll scope out your competition to see the gaps in the market where you can get a leg up.


Turn your website into a workhorse

Armed with the data from our market research, we’ll make your site work for you. We’ll look under the hood and remedy any technical issues that might wreak havoc on your rankings. We’ll optimize your pages for the key terms and phrases that your target audience actually uses when they’re out on the virtual hunt. We’ll inch you up the search engine results page, without ever putting you in danger of a Google penalty.



Be the influencer you know you can be

Onsite and offsite optimization go hand in hand. As part of our digital media strategy, we’ll cast a spotlight on the valuable content cultivating on your site. We’ll get influencers from all corners of the web to link to your pages, helping to establish your website – and your firm – as an influencer worth taking note of.


Make content that matters

Both search engines and your customers rely on content to get them from point A to point B. Without good content, you won’t rank high on Google and customers won’t have faith in your brand. That’s why we unleash our team of content writers and creators to develop articles, graphics and more that are found by search engines and loved by your prospects. We create a full spectrum of digital content, designed to meet your customers wherever they are in the sales funnel and gently guide them to the wonderful world of conversion.


You’ll always know the what and the why

All the promises we make mean nothing if we don’t have the data to back it up. That’s why every single month you’ll get a full report, loaded with the analytics that matter. Total traffic. New vs. returning users. Where your visitors come from; how long they linger on your site. Which pages they visit. We not only share this information with you, but we’ll scour every number and trend to constantly redefine your SEO strategy.

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