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Innovative strategies and tactical tips that help healthcare organizations build their digital brand and attract more patients.

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Each week, the Ignite podcast will bring you 10-minute episodes that dig into the latest SEO, PPC, and paid social strategies, news, and tools that will help grow your healthcare organization.

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Recent Interviews

Lauren Leone

How To Dominate Google With PPC + SEO

Smart marketers know it’s not SEO versus PPC; you need both. See how these foundational tactics work together to increase brand awareness and your visibility on search.


Are Your Facebook Ad Campaigns Ready for iOS14?

As Apple’s iOS operating system upgrades to version 14, it is introducing privacy policies that will affect how Facebook handles ads.

Lauren Leone

The Rise of Digital In Healthcare Marketing

Our hosts discuss how the pandemic has accelerated virtual care adoption, shifted marketing messaging, and pushed more healthcare organizations online as they try to recoup patient volume.


Healthcare Marketing Insights from Cardinal’s Experts

Cardinal’s top healthcare marketing experts share high-level digital strategies and tactical advice that will help you reach more patients and grow your organization.

Matt Gove

Matt Gove, CMO, Piedmont Healthcare

Matt Gove is using innovation in healthcare marketing to continue to increase patient volume in a big way

Hernando Ruiz

Hernando Ruiz-Jimenez, CMO, New York Presbyterian Hospital

How Hernando Ruiz-Jimenez is growing New York Presbyterian Hospital by building a comprehensive technology

Leslie Gibbs

Leslie Gibbs, CMO, Modern Vascular

How Leslie Gibbs is growing Modern Vascular in a big way in her first 75 days by identifying gaps in lead generation

Paul Gross

Paul Gross, CMO of National Vision Inc

How Paul Gross, CMO of National Vision, used digital marketing to spread awareness and increase patient acquisition

Kurt Lee

Kurt Lee Hurley, CMO of American Family Care

From SEO to PPC and Review Generation, Kurt and I cover all of the quickest wins to help achieve growth in a multi-local group.

Cody Lee

Cody Lee, Vice President, Summit Partners

How Cody Lee, Vice President at Summit Partners, is scaling healthcare groups with effective marketing tactics deployed quickly & effectively

Jennifer Schultz

Jennifer Schultz , Senior VP of Marketing at OU Medicine, Inc.

How Jennifer Schultz is growing OU Medicine through efficient patient acquisition and a centralized marketing team.

VP of Marketing, CareSpot | MedPost

Ben Goodman, VP of Marketing for CareSpot & MedPost Urgent Care

Ben Goodman continues growing CareSpot & MedPost through trend setting digital advertising strategies.

Christina Fleming

Christina Fleming, Vice President of Marketing at Windsor Healthcare Communities

Christina Fleming is starting with a brand and message first approach to growing Windsor

Chryssa Rich

Chryssa Rich, Director of Marketing – Speaker and Panelist – Inventor

Chryssa walks us through the variety of marketing & branding strategies she uses to maintain PHMG’s status as the top dog in town.

Brittaney Bethea

Brittaney Bethea Director of Marketing and Communications

Brittaney Bethea is helping the Morehouse School of Medicine Grow It’s Local Awareness

Anaye Milligan

Anaye Milligan, Director of Digital Marketing – Houston Methodist

Anaye Milligan is focusing his team on lead quality and using technology to better understand marketing ROI

Matt Kelly

Matt Kelly, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

How Medical Practices and Healthcare Organizations Can Use Modern Technology to Increase Patient Volume

Blair Primis

Blair Primis, Sr. Vice President of Marketing , OrthoCarolina

How Blair Primis is growing OrthoCarolina by Increasing Access & Improving the Patient Experience

Amy Marshall

Amy Marshall, Director of Business Development at OhioHealth

Amy Marshall from Ohio Health, Details How Digital & Traditional Marketing Has Helped Ignite Growth

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