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Landing Page Development

Demand Capture vs Demand Generation: When to Make the Switch

In order to meet ambitious growth goals, healthcare groups need to invest in demand generation media strategies. Before healthcare groups can begin demand generation efforts, they must first have a strong demand capture strategy.

15 mins
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How to Navigate Budget Cuts and Economic Uncertainty

No matter the economic climate, there is value in understanding potential economic pressures and market challenges, as well as having a plan in place to overcome them. How can healthcare marketers create a business strategy that will maximize their budget and keep them aligned with leadership?

10 mins
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Scaling MSOs Post-Acquisition: How to Build A Repeatable Marketing Strategy

When bringing a new MSO online, private equity groups and their partners need a repeatable marketing strategy that they can easily scale across acquisitions. Proper planning at this stage ensures that they’ll have a digital marketing foundation that can grow with them and allow them to maximize efficiencies.

14 mins
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De Novo Marketing Strategy to Maximize Profitability on Day One

As your healthcare group expands, you need de novo offices to be profitable from day one. This means it is imperative to have an effective marketing strategy before your new office opens. But where do you start?

10 mins
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Your First 90 Days: What Healthcare Marketing Leaders Need to Know

The first 90 days are pivotal to all new healthcare chief marketing officers (CMOs). How can you ensure that you’re in alignment with your executive team and meeting expectations?

17 mins
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Improving Lead Quality in Healthcare Organizations

The Marriage Between AI and Digital Advertising

Machine learning and algorithms continuously improve to help digital advertisers reach and engage the right audience. The key is finding the perfect balance between artificial intelligence and marketers’ ingenuity. They each have their unique strengths and role in developing effective digital advertising campaigns.

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How to Create Ads That Don’t Suck

If you are a digital advertiser, you know how important ad creative is to the performance of your campaigns. When managing your ad creative you must juggle different headlines, images, text, and CTA options for different placements, across different devices. But great ad creative doesn’t start there. It starts by understanding the patient journey, their motivations and challenges, and providing real value through your offering.

18 mins
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5 Keys to Effective Paid Search Strategies That Generate More Patients

Healthcare organizations need to move their paid search campaigns from an efficiency-based optimization strategy to an effectiveness-based optimization strategy.

43 mins
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HIPAA Compliant Marketing with First Party Data

First party data is information collected directly from the healthcare consumer. With care and an eye on HIPAA compliance, healthcare marketers can use this data to better understand their consumers’ behavior, demographics, interests, interactions, and more.

22 mins
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6 SEO Principles That Make It Easy for Healthcare Consumers to Find You

It’s no secret - you need to be ranking highly on Google to make sure healthcare consumers can find you. But you also need to have a solid website that is built to support search engine optimization (SEO). Here are the 6 principles to follow for creating your dream website, the best technologies to use for building your website with SEO in mind, and how UX can impact your website’s performance.

12 mins
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