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How to Reach Patients in 2023: Insights from Michele Hart, BostonSight

From print marketing to Google Ads and everything in between, Cardinal’s CEO, Alex Membrillo, and Director of Marketing and Communications at BostonSight, Michele Hart, cover all aspects of the marketing mix. Join the two healthcare marketing experts as they discuss: BostonSight’s marketing strategy for 2023, the impact a recessive economy has on the non-profit, tactics for reaching new providers and patients, and tips for a small budget.

25 mins
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Creating high converting google ads

PPC & Google Ads in 2023: The Top Trends Your Healthcare Organization Needs to Know

With 2023 right around the corner, it’s time to consider the PPC & Google Ads trends that will have the biggest impact on search marketing and patient acquisition in the new year. The PPC ad landscape is changing as new channels and tools emerge. Advancements in AI and algorithmic have led to automated systems that can now deliver significant, never-before-seen capabilities to advertisers in the healthcare services space. While these newer systems provide a great deal of value, human oversight is still critical to ensure that leads actually turn into booked patients.

18 mins
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Good SEO Strategy

Top SEO Trends Every Healthcare Organization Needs to Know in 2023

As the end of the year approaches, now it is the time to investigate the search engine optimization (SEO) trends that will make impact healthcare marketing in 2023. Google is continually refining its ranking algorithm, which means healthcare marketers must stay informed of the latest trends if they want to build a dependable patient pipeline. Join Cardinal’s industry experts as we analyze where search is now and where it's headed in the new year.

22 mins
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Generating Leads Digital Marketing

Is SEO Worth It? How to Measure SEO’s Impact on Revenue

It's vital for healthcare groups to build an organic presence on the search engine results page (SERP) if they want to reach potential patients. To get on the first page, they need to invest in SEO. However, many organizations struggle with SEO because they don't see an immediate return on their investment. SEO takes time to gain top ranking positions. Because of this, SEO campaigns are often cut during times of economic uncertainty.

20 mins
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Robust Content: How to Improve SEO Rankings and the Patient Experience

Compared to other search optimizations, the expansion of thin content can make the biggest impact for healthcare providers. Not only does robust, in-depth content improve patient experiences, but it also makes Google happy—ultimately improving rankings.

12 mins
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Do You Know What Your Patients Want? How to Create a Patient-centric Keyword Strategy

Keyword research is essential to any successful SEO campaign. To conduct effective keyword research and develop a strong keyword strategy, it’s vital that healthcare organizations have a deep understanding of their patients and how they search for information online. Understanding search intent can ensure that your content aligns with what patients are looking for.

14 mins
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Brand Architecture: Which Strategy is Right for Your MSO?

When a new management services organization (MSO) is formed and consolidates healthcare groups or later acquires additional brands, it's crucial that they have a solid multi-brand strategy. The discussion between having a house of brands vs. one brand structure is prevalent throughout the healthcare industry. To choose the best strategy, it’s essential to understand each option.

11 mins
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Google Helpful Content Update: How it Impacts Healthcare

Google’s latest “Helpful Content” update continues to prioritize user-centric content over articles written only for its algorithm. As a result, it has become increasingly important for healthcare organizations to have a robust full-funnel content strategy that answers patient questions at each stage of the patient journey while continuing to implement SEO best practices.

17 mins
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Get Ready For 2023: How to Plan Your Digital Marketing Goals

As Q4 begins, now is the time to evaluate your media performance and develop tangible goals to guide you in the new year. To create well-defined goals that guide your digital marketing strategy, it is important to understand why goal setting is important and what steps are needed to achieve them.

20 mins
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Facebook Advertising In Healthcare: Is It Still Worth It?

The release of iOS 14 had a major impact on Facebook advertisers. The update removed data availability and made it harder to target and build audiences. However, despite changes to the platform and new restrictions, Facebook is still a valuable tool for healthcare marketing.

23 mins
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