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Leverage Cardinal’s small business digital marketing solutions to grow your customer base.
With Cardinal as your PPC management partner, you get:

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Ads That Get Noticed
You’ve done all of the hard work to get your small business up and running, so now it’s time to partner up with a stellar PPC management company that knows how to create text that engages the right demographic and give your customers what they need to make the right decision.

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A Focus on Keyword Research
After learning more about your small business and its goals, Cardinal PPC experts dive right in to research the keywords and terms that most pertain to what you do and find ad packages that fit within your budget. Then we launch the plan and consistently monitor the activity, redefining the strategy when necessary.

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Tapping into Social Media
While creating PPC campaigns for Google is important, Cardinal goes above and beyond by tapping into the power of social networking. We create PPC campaigns for Facebook and other social media platforms where your potential customers are going to find your types of products and services. Since social media networking is all about building trust, we keep the PPC messaging consistent, informative, and entertaining across all platforms.

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Regular PPC Assessments
Whether you want to form a PPC campaign from scratch or have one already in place that needs a bit of fine tuning to produce results, Cardinal can take what you have and do a bit of tweaking and testing to get it to where it attracts new customers.

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PPC Budget Management
Since there is a cost to Pay-Per-Click advertising, Cardinal is cognizant of how your digital advertising dollars are spent. We first do some keyword research to figure out which ones are most effective for your small business, but then Cardinal PPC specialists monitor- and perhaps adjust- your ad campaigns along the way to make sure they are producing the best results.

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Tracking Conversions
The purpose of setting up a PPC ad campaign is to get noticed and ultimately get new customers, so Cardinal PPC management experts ensure that your ad campaigns are set up properly and working through to the end. From the first impression to booking an appointment- we track everything to see what’s working.

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Paid Media for Small Business

No matter what industry you work in, whether you are a plumber or a retail clothing store, there is a lot of competition in your sector. And as your closest frenemies are vying for the same market share, it’s necessary to stay ahead of technology and the latest marketing practices. In other words, if you are ready to bring in new customers or need them to stay alive or start making bigger profits, then investing in a website and promoting it through search engines cannot be ignored.

PPC Management for Small Business
Gain Customers with Paid Media Services

Paid Media = Customers

Our comprehensive small business PPC management team makes sure that potential customers find your website when they are actively searching for the product or service in your area that helps solve their problem. According to Search Engine Watch, 85 percent of retailers recognized that investing in SEO and paid search was the most effective tactic for bringing in new customers. This further proves that bringing in a reputable company like Cardinal Small Business PPC Management that specializes in all things digital marketing to grow your brand is worth a consideration.

Find and Attract New Customers to Your Small Business

Local independently owned and operated businesses that have fewer than 50 employees want the same thing that big corporations do – they want to share with everyone who is interested what makes them different from their competitors in terms of the quality and value of their products.

But there are only so many customers you can attract through traditional advertising. In the current era, everyone is going online to read reviews and find answers on what they are specifically looking for. Therefore, if you are ready to grow your business and utilize an avenue that has limitless potential, then Cardinal’s dedicated team of small business PPC experts can help you tap into that.

Attract new Customers
Digital Marketing and PPC for Small Business

PPC Management for Small Businesses

It’s great that you have a website (but if you don’t then we can help with that, too), but the sole reason to have it is to attract web traffic. That’s when it’s time to back up the time and effort you put into building a website with SEO tactics to help drive new customers there. Recently, Statista found that 63.4 percent of website traffic starts with the Google search engine, and Cardinal Small Business PPC knows exactly what it takes to give you a presence amongst the billions of online searches that go on daily.

Cardinal’s small business PPC management team is committed to designing customized SEO, PPC, and social strategies that drive results- and new customers- to your small business no matter what it is.

Cardinal Specializes in Small Business PPC Management

Cardinal’s small business PPC management experts are skilled at creating customized SEO
strategies that are catered for your specialty. Our focus on search engine optimization, targeted
advertising, and increasing brand awareness can be the catalyst to expand your customer base.

Our Clients Love Us

“Cardinal’s competitors constantly try to get us to switch to them. We are not interested in switching.”

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Cardinal’s Proprietary Marketing Technology Benefits:

Double Your Customer Volume for the Same Spend

Dump the campaigns that don’t generate returns. Our AI based marketing platform automatically optimizes towards the campaigns that are driving high value buyers.

Modernize Marketing

Big Level Reporting for Small Business

No matter what your role or connection is with the small business you’re trying to promote, we can help you impress the owners with high-level quality and understandable metrics that easily show the
ROI through our partnership and small business-focused software.

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