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Now is the time to catapult your Pay Per Click marketing efforts to the next level and with Cardinal, you’re backed by a team of digital marketing experts at this premier pay per click marketing agency dedicated to yielding results.

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Currently, clicks equal money and no matter how big your company is we doubt you can afford to miss out. Currently, investing in pay per click marketing is the most efficient way to find potential customers quickly. Coupling SEO with PPC marketing is one of the main strategies digital marketers use to reach online users through search engines, and this is something that we at the Cardinal PPC marketing agency know all too well.

There are several ways to dive into PPC marketing by utilizing channels such as Facebook advertising, LinkedIn, Instagram, Yahoo!, or Google AdWords, but where to start? PPC marketing is one of the top marketing tools to gain leads, but only when you have clear direction, purpose, and goals to create a profitable campaign. And once you develop the plan, creative, and initiate it, someone needs to be there to monitor it and can adjust make sure you’re getting the most out of your marketing dollars.
This is where Cardinal really works its magic…after an initial consultation in getting to know your business, we use our combined decades of digital expertise to come up with a pay per click marketing plan that brings money into your business in ways that you never thought possible.

Cardinal works with all different kinds of businesses from small organizations to Fortune 500 companies to help get them grab the most business they can in the online environment in their industry using information like targeting (or retargeting) prospects based on customer intelligence tools and demographics. Once Cardinal understands your pay per click marketing goals, we work with you to develop unique messaging, creative, and advertising copy that drives results. And don’t worry about not being involved- we keep you well-informed of the progress of your business’s digital marketing efforts along the way and more than welcome your input.

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Get results with the Cardinal Pay Per click marketing agency

We are a pay per click marketing agency that specializes in every type of online revenue-generating channel there is. And we know how to use it to bring more qualified leads into your business that turn into conversations, sales, and hopefully customers that remain loyal. Nowadays having a presence online with just a basic website isn’t enough- you need to figure out a way to get your business out there and start engaging with the people who want to hear from you.

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Results-driven pay per click marketing

Knowing how to successfully implement and manage a PPC marketing campaign is an art and a science, and at the Cardinal pay per click marketing agency we are the masters of the field. Dedicated to achieving results, we use our wealth of knowledge to take your business to the next level through SEO, customized digital solutions,and effective data-optimized pay per click marketing strategies.

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Use Cardinal to manage and qualify your PPC ad spend

Here at Cardinal,we make sure that every pay per click advertising dollar you spend counts by leading to a greater return. We do this by working closely with you to form, launch, monitor, test, and analyze your pay per click marketing campaign to make sure that it is also working at optimal performance without you having to waste your own precious time to watch it.

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Cardinal’s transparent reporting dashboard makes PPC monitoring easy

Cardinal PPC marketing agency provides your own custom digital marketing dashboard that gives you the information that you need, keeping you in the know all the time. After we make a deal, your campaign is up and running and you’ll immediately start to see results.

Programmatic Display Advertising Service

Cardinal helps get people to engage with your brand

Current advertising methods have become so intelligent that consumers now expect personalized outreach. This means that blasting everyone with a generic message doesn’t work anymore- people surfing the web expect to find solutions they need that speak directly to them at the right time with the right messaging. Once we understand your business, our PPC marketing team of experts uses its customer intelligence knowledge to communicate with your ideal audience and inspire them to buy.

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Leave the campaign monitoring to us

Cardinal pay per click marketing uses its decades of combined tech experience to work with you on developing a clear, fun, engaging campaign but once it starts running our work doesn’t stop there. While your PPC marketing dashboard is always available to view,we take the reins on monitoring, adjusting creative, and improving it. At Cardinal, your campaigns never stay stagnant.

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24/7 support

At Cardinal your PPC advertising is run by real people who dedicate themselves to your business and helping you with your goals. When you have questions or are thrilled with the success of a campaign, we’re here to help you adjust your strategy on what works best for your business.


There are more than 4 billion people conducting web searches per day, and it’s time for your business to claim that share of the online marketplace. Built by experts who have the utmost knowledge in pay per click advertising, Cardinal helps businesses get to the top of search engine rankings through winning strategies that subsequently results in a higher ROI for you. When you choose Cardinal as your PPC marketing agency, you get…

A pay per click marketing agency that listens
Yes, we’ll run your Pay Per Click advertising campaigns for you, but we want to do more than that. We want to hear your ideas for what you think will work. We want to help you set new goals and ultimately be successful because it’s like they say, all boats float with the rising tide.

Our total attention
It takes time to build a partnership and PPC marketing plan that works, and we invest what it takes in your business as much as we do our own. We are regularly available to hop on a video call or meet with you through your preferred method of communication to develop a winning pay per click marketing strategy that supports your unique position in your industry.

Pay Per Click advertising specialists
Our team is never too busy to answer your questions. A Cardinal PPC advertising expert or two work side-by-side with you throughout the duration of our partnership, ensuring the personal attention you need to turn a profit in your digital marketing efforts.

Fast, honest reporting
Want to know how your PPC campaign is doing? No problem…we are happy to provide detailed reports on your PPC campaign whenever you need them. Through our customer intelligence and SEO tools plus 24/7 access to our Cardinal experts, you will have relevant dashboards that help you make decisions for whenever you’re ready to switch things up.

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