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Clark and Washington LLC

Organic (SEO) leads up 52% over the previous year PPC leads up 49.05% over the previous year

Ryan Montgomery Attorney at Law

62.79 percent increase in organic conversion rates in the first 6 months.

for Law Firms

Getting your law firm in front of your target market requires a lot of moving parts. SEO and social media, for example, are key components. But without a paid media strategy, you’ll fall short of your goals.

Paid media, also known as search engine marketing, helps you connect with the right prospects for your firm with dizzyingly accurate precision.


So, Why Search Engine Marketing?

You could spend all the time and energy in the world getting folks to find your law firm online. But what good is all that effort if you’re targeting the wrong people? Search engine marketing helps you avoid wasting your time on prospect who don’t matter. By incorporating the latest PPC technology, Cardinal can help you target your advertising by:

  • Time of day
  • Budget
  • Geographic location (also known as geo-targeting)
  • Demographics (age, occupation, etc.)
  • Location of your ad on the search engine results page
  • Websites where your ad occurs
  • Negative targeting, allowing you to keep your ads from showing up for audiences that don’t convert


The paid campaigns we design will show your ads to only the most qualified prospects, saving you money by avoiding fruitless clicks.

It’s all about the ROI, so while a campaign might be effective now, we’re always at the ready to adjust your campaign in minutes to get you the best results.

Use Paid Media for:

  • Increasing your firm’s web-based inquiries
  • Moving into a new market or niche
  • Increasing your website traffic
  • Growing awareness of your law firm’s brand
  • Engaging specific target communities
  • Improving your marketing ROI


Paid media is highly flexible, allowing you to adjust on the fly. If you find that your lawyers are overwhelmed with new clients, you can pause your campaign until you feel you need to market aggressively again. You can slow down a campaign or narrow the criteria to reach only a very specific range of clients.

At Cardinal, we hang our hat on getting our clients the best results with their campaigns. Whether you dabble with Google AdWords, Bing Ads or another network, our reputation speaks for itself.

You’re looking for an edge over the competition. We have the formula to get it done.

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