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As the #1 SEO agency in healthcare, we’ve helped hundreds of APA therapy providers, treatment centers, nursing facilities, and specialty practices achieve higher search rankings and generate new patients.

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Growth-Oriented SEO

Cardinal’s SEO Services Stand Out From The Crowd

Scalable SEO Strategies

We’ve helped some of the nation’s largest healthcare providers scale their SEO strategies to new markets and locations. And if you’re undergoing a merger or acquisition, don’t worry—we have your SEO strategy covered on that end, too.

Future-Forward Search

At Cardinal, we don’t react to trends; we predict them. We strategically position our APA therapy clients to capture future demand with comprehensive search landscape analyses and a blue-ocean approach to create uncontested growth opportunities.

Strategic Healthcare Keyword Targeting

We know APA therapy like the back of our hands. That’s why we intimately understand the motivations and intent across the entire patient journey, enabling us to develop full-funnel content strategies that not only nurture prospects but get them to convert.

Roadmaps & Ranking Forecasting

Marketing fluff doesn’t fly at Cardinal. We’re all about proven, bespoke SEO strategies that increase rankings for APA therapy facilities. You’ll always have full access to roadmaps, reports, and KPIs that forecast rankings for maximum transparency.

ABA Therapy Centers Need a Solid Web Presence

The parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) only want to bring their child to the best applied behavior analysists therapists in their area.  After hearing about ABA therapy, the first place they go is Google to find more information and review ABA therapy providers.

As a local ABA therapists, you have a responsibility to help boost your patients’ quality of life while maintaining the credibility that you worked so hard for. Since everyone goes to the internet these days for help, information, and advice via their desktop computers or smartphones (53 percent of paid clicks come from mobile devices), it’s in your best interest to at least try to test our skills in getting you to the top of the search engine results…and be pleased when new patients start coming your way. With our renowned ABA therapy SEO management team, we’re committed to designing customized SEO, PPC, and social strategies that drive results- and new patients- to your ABA therapy center.

SEO for ABA Therapy Facilities

Local SEO Strategies so Patients Find Your Brand First

Get to the Top of the SERP’s to Attract New Patients

It’s been proven that using the internet to promote your ABA therapy facility is a cheaper and more efficient way to reach those in need over traditional marketing methods such as taking out a print ad or paying commissions to a referral agency. A SEO campaign done right is an easy, effective way to get to the top of the SERPs and noticed by the people who are looking for an ABA therapy facility to help improve their quality of life and let go of their demons. Let us use our expertise to help you find those people and increase those admittance numbers while bringing in some revenue for you.

Digital Marketing and SEO For ABA Therapy

A consistent digital strategy makes it easy for potential patients and clients to see what ABA therapy services you have available and how to access them. Part of this effort can include making sure your organization’s site ranks high when people search for assistance. Follow this up with a well-designed site that provides information that is easy to understand and shows that you are ready to assist. With Cardinal’s ABA therapy SEO experts, we’re committed to creating a solid SEO strategy that helps drive business to your facility and boost your brand awareness.

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Cardinal’s ABA therapy SEO marketing experts are skilled at creating customized SEO strategies that are catered for your specialty. Our focus on search engine optimization, targeted advertising, and increasing brand awareness gives you the time and space to let you do what you do best in helping people improve their quality of life while we bring in more patients.

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ABA Therapy SEO Tools

Our Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Organic Landscape & Competitor Assessment

Think of this as your preliminary SEO wellness check-up. We start by analyzing your ABA therapy SEO as-is, conducting assessments to compare your current rankings to your competitors’, discover your traffic share percentage, and collect backlink profiles.

Local SEO at Scale

We leverage local SEO search strategies to boost your visibility for each location. That means creating unique location pages, optimizing your Google business listings, building links, and soliciting positive reviews for maximized reach across markets.

Multi-location Citation Management

Scalable citations are a critical ranking factor for local search. We make sure your business is listed accurately in each of your growing markets, enabling referral traffic and ultimately earning real estate on Google’s first page.

Future Thinking SEO Strategies / Entity Optimization

As user queries become more unique, Google uses entities to match user intent to results—even when the keywords aren’t an exact match. We help you identify the core concepts that prospective patients are searching for so you show up in results.

Strategic Link Building

Some agencies will pull backlinks from who-knows-where and stick them into your site willy-nilly. Not us. We strategically source high-quality backlinks from high DA websites, injecting your site with the quality and reliability that prospective patients will trust.

Full-funnel Content Strategy

From treatment pages to blogs to everything in between, we’re experts at producing empathetic, human-centered content that’s aligned to meet the needs of your patients at every step of the sales funnel.

Site Architecture Optimizations

Need a new website? No problem. Want to clean up your old one? Can do. Thinking of merging sites together? Yes, we can do that— well, you get the point. No matter what the ask, we ensure the site is properly structured to make it easy for both users to navigate and Google to crawl.

Scalable Technical SEO

Cardinal believes in creating scalable website structures that help set you up for long-term success. This scalable technical framework helps your content get discovered, crawled, indexed, and ranked at a much faster rate.

Featured Client Case Study

Wellspring Learning Centers

As a new ABA therapy brand, Wellspring was looking to build their digital presence from the ground up. High-level goals included creating a brand that could spur organic growth and drive new patient acquisition while also resonating with patients and their families.

Wellspring turned to Cardinal for help with their new brand identity and website design and development. We created a beautiful, scalable site for the ABA brand that could grow with them as they opened new locations. Cardinal continues to serve as a strategic advisor as the brand expands, helping them acquire new patients through SEO and paid media and recruit all-star talent to support their growth.

From day 1 we've enjoyed our partnership with Cardinal Digital Marketing for bringing our vision to life. We are beyond thrilled with the outcome!

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