Programmatic Display

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Take the guesswork out of your display advertising.

More efficient and effective ad campaigns

With more and more businesses expanding their paid search budgets, it’s getting increasingly difficult to find true value from your campaigns. Even constant monitoring and bid optimization efforts fall short from delivering the ROI you’ve come to expect from your advertising. Programmatic display changes all that. Combining real-time data and bidding, we’ll identify the best strategies to deliver undeniable results.


What is programmatic display?

Programmatic display is an automated form of purchasing display inventory that cuts out the manual work and makes it possible to dedicate more time to analysis and strategic optimizations. This is taken a step further by Real-Time Bidding (RTB), which is bidding on individual impressions based on how valuable they are to you. Instead of paying a flat Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM), you pay a dynamic CPM that allows you to save money and focus on the individual users who are most likely to convert.

With this strategy in place, you choose how much you pay to target a specific audience with your ads, and the frequency at which these ads appear.


Custom Audience Targeting

Segment your website traffic into specific groups to increase the relevancy (and impact) of your ads. Talk about the right message, to the right people, at the right time! This data can also be used to build powerful lookalike audiences that expand your reach by targeting brand new users who have similar online behavior to your existing customers.

First party audiences (built off traffic to your site) can also be layered with any of the thousands of available audiences created by third party data providers. Whether you want to target stay at home moms or hardcore gamers, there is an audience segment out there for you.

Better Data = Better Results

Not only do we create – and share – custom advanced analytics regularly. But we back that data up with useful insights and action plans.

Cross-Channel Marketing

Your audiences spend time across a number of channels and devices throughout the day. We’ll keep them engaged –and your brand at the forefront – no matter where your prospects spend their time.


digging for data

Investing more dollars into a campaign doesn’t always mean higher returns. We’ll continuously refine your campaigns – based on hard data – and pinpoint opportunities for long-term market growth.

Advertising with surgical precision

Programmatic display is a powerful way to reach your exact audiences, across all of their devices, with messaging meant to convert. In a digital world where competition is cutthroat, you need a strategy to get your voice heard and your brand recognized. Let’s raise your ad campaigns to the next level with programmatic display.

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