Are your AdWords performing like they should?

The biggest advantage to Google AdWords also seems to be its biggest challenge for advertisers: learning how to track and report the data you gather so you can optimize your campaign without spending hours reading reports.

Many account holders think that whoever offers to pay the most for ads is automatically displayed at the top of the list; however, this is not true and is the main reason you should have an optimized Google AdWordscampaign. When searchers tell Google that certain ads improve their experience and are relevant to their search (resulting in higher click-through-rates), Google rewards these accounts by charging less and giving favorable treatment to these ads. This is done through a ranking called “Quality Score.”

Do you know what your business’ Quality Score is? Do you know if you are making costly mistakes in your campaign? Let us help.

Our eBook will tell you:

  • How to track your results
  • Dayparting techniques
  • How to build targeted headlines
  • Geographic targeting
  • And 5 other mistakes to look for



9 AdWords Mistakes