HIPAA & Healthcare Marketing: How to Engage Patients with a Full-Funnel Strategy

Learn how to turn compliance challenges into your competitive edge, engaging patients effectively at every step of their journey.

Get Our Framework for Marketing in a Privacy-first World

As traditional targeting methods and data access disappear due to HIPAA regulations, it’s time to adapt and embrace innovative ways to engage patients. You can create a marketing strategy that fuels revenue while safeguarding patient privacy–no compromises needed.

In this 30-minute webinar, we discuss actionable tips and recommendations for building a HIPAA-compliant tech stack to guide ad algorithms and effectively reach your target audience.

You’ll learn:

  • Marketing activities you need to stop
  • How to evaluate the marketing compliance risk spectrum
  • Components of a HIPAA-compliant marketing ecosystem
  • Why a full-funnel strategy works & how to measure it

About the Speakers

Rich Briddock
Chief Strategy Officer,
Cardinal Digital Marketing

As an integral part of Cardinal’s leadership team, Rich oversees ALL client strategies. He specializes in developing holistic patient acquisition journeys that nurture patients through the funnel. As a master of optimization, he uncovers opportunities to remove conversion barriers and improve the patient experience, generating more qualified leads for clients.

Rich is an expert in building closed-loop reporting capabilities and helping clients gain insight into their marketing investments. He has deep experience developing media strategies for multi-location healthcare groups with 500+ locations and is driven to maximize performance.

Alex Membrillo
Chief Executive Officer,
Cardinal Digital Marketing

Some say Alex Membrillo was born to be the CEO of a digital marketing agency focused on growing multi-location companies. Others say the Flock chose him. Together with his outstanding team of high-flyers, Alex has led Cardinal to the promised land. Awards proudly include A Best Place to Work designation and a  spot on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately-held US companies for three years running.

Cardinal has experienced exponential growth under Membrillo’s leadership. His innovative approach to digital marketing has transformed the industry, especially the world of healthcare and private equity. His team is also growing in lockstep with his client portfolio, the two groups of people he lives to serve (alongside his loving family, of course).

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Who We Are

As a leading healthcare digital marketing agency, Cardinal Digital Marketing has partnered with some of the most recognizable brands in the country. We’ve helped countless multi-location organizations reach and convert patients through tailored, HIPAA-compliant patient acquisition solutions, comprehensive digital transformation strategies, and stunning brand creative.

Our extensive experience and innovative approach make us the preferred healthcare marketing company for high-growth, multi-site providers. A partnership with Cardinal means highly targeted strategies that increase patient volume, improve brand recognition, and drive revenue. Performance marketing, on your parameters.

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