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data-driven healthcare marketing ebook

The Ultimate Blueprint for Building a Data-Driven Healthcare Marketing Organization

There’s no overstating the importance of data. In many ways, it is the currency upon which so much of the healthcare industry is run.

The extent to which a medical practice can capture, share, and act on data will determine its success in so many aspects of business. Beyond that, your ability to meet and exceed customer expectations—to improve the patient experience and quality of care—will depend on your ability to make the most of your data.

Medical Marketing Book

7 Voice Search Innovations for Medical Marketing

Voice search is helping people answer their most pressing medical questions and access new, innovative healthcare services. Learn how you can incorporate speech recognition technologies and voice search into your digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing for Medical Practices Book

The Ultimate SEO Guide for Medical Practices

You can’t book more patients if they can’t find you. Now, more than ever is it vital for your practice to rank for the keywords your patients use. Get step-by-step instructions so you can be sure your medical practice is found.

Book for Medical Practices

The Ultimate PPC Guide for Medical Practices

Stop wasting money on ineffective PPC advertisements. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to develop an effective PPC strategy that attracts more patients to your medical practice while reducing your patient acquisition costs.

Healthcare Marketing Webinars

Round Table: Patient Acquisition Trends for 2021

The healthcare industry is experiencing fundamental shifts that will forever shape the way marketers attract and engage patients.

Join Cardinal Digital Marketing for an on-demand round table with some of the nation’s leading healthcare marketing experts. They discuss the top trends impacting patient acquisition and share recommendations on how to navigate these challenging times.

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The Anatomy of Medical Marketing

We are proud to announce that our CEO, Alex Membrillo, has released his latest book titled The Anatomy of Medical Marketing.

Offering a step by step approach to increase your patient volume and keep your practice off life support, Membrillo will help you grow your practice with ease.

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