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Managing the reputation of a medical practice has always been a priority. With the Internet, though, and easy access to the minutest details of a practice and reviews (positive and negative) made by current or former patients, online reputation management has become more important than ever before.

Pew Research reported that 72% of internet users looked up health information online and one in five consulted with online rankings and reviews of healthcare providers.

At Cardinal Digital Marketing, we take advantage of these statistics by promoting the positive view of your digital brand online.

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Managing your online reputation

Online Reputation
Management For Healthcare

Before a prospective patient calls you on the phone or walks through your clinic’s doors, she has likely already looked up your practice online. What did she find? Did she find important details about the types of conditions you treat, about the good work you’re doing in the community, and glowing reviews about your services and staff?

Or, did she find unflattering comments about your practice, or you personally, that could turn potential patients away from your practice?
At Cardinal Digital Marketing, we know how to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward with review sites like,,, and, in addition to utilizing social media and SEO to your reputation advantage.

We monitor, address, and mitigate social media mentions, reviews, and search engine results in order to enhance your practice’s online positive image.

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Why Cardinal For Your Online Reputation Management

Our reputation management services are twofold:

Proactive Reputation

We help you spread the good word about your practice, community good deeds, experience, and desires to help others with positive patient reviews, important medical facts and information, and otherwise positive information on the Internet.

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Online Reputation Management

Reactive Reputation

We work with you to develop a strategy for dealing with negative comments in ways to turn them into something more positive for your business. We do this through responding strategically to negative comments, for example.

More importantly, we work with you to identify, address, and monitor the core problems depicted in negative reviews, (such as long waiting room time, poor front desk training, etc.) to nip future negative reviews in the bud.

In many cases, negative comments are the result of people feeling as though they aren’t being heard. We help you hear them so that you can then go one step further to resolve the issue, before the issue is placed online for prospective patients to see.

You’ve taken years to build your professional and practice’s reputation. Don’t let one negative comment snowball into a reputation nightmare for your practice. Call us today and let us help you protect your good name – and that of your practice – in a way that will draw even more potential patients your way.

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Who We Serve

The face of healthcare has changed forever. Today’s healthcare system is a consumer-based
entity, and healthcare providers must shift their mindsets to that of retailers.

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Our Medical
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“Our Google Advertising has generated over 30 leads in the last month and we have converted those into 5 surgeries.”

Healthcare Clients Who Trust Us

Dental Works Case Study Logo

increase in


decrease in cost per conversion

CareSpot Urgent Care

digital leads in 9 months


per lead


increase in organic traffic

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increase in brand convertions


decrease in branded cost per acquisition

Digestive Healthcare of Georgia

lead volume


place in
Google SERP

Atlanta Brain and Spine Care

increase in
leads per month


more surgeries
each month

Orthoatlanta Case Study Logo

increase in
web traffic


additional qualified leads

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increase in
conversion rate


new leads

Sober Living Case Study Brand

Increase In Organic (SEO) Website Visits


increase in overall

Swedish Covenant Hospital

Impressions generated by Prominent Hospital


average cost per lead for Orthopedic service line

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The Anatomy of Medical Marketing

We are proud to announce that our CEO, Alex Membrillo, has released his latest book titled The Anatomy of Medical Marketing.

Offering a step by step approach to increase your patient volume and keep your practice off life support, Membrillo will help you grow your practice with ease.

Cardinal’s Proprietary Marketing Technology Patient Stream’s Benefits:

Double Patient Volume

Double Your Patient Volume for the Same Spend

Dump the campaigns that don’t generate returns. Our AI based marketing platform automatically optimizes towards the campaigns that are driving high value patients.

Executive Level Reporting

Executive Level Reporting

Give your CMO the reporting she didn’t even know was possible. No longer do you have to report on cost per lead. With Patient Stream, you will now be able to report on Cost Per Patient.

Patient Stream

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