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Partner up with a renowned dermatology reputation management company to share what makes your practice stand out from the rest and get in front of those who only want the best skin care in town.

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The American Academy of Dermatology recently released some findings that more than 85 million people in the United States suffer from various skin diseases that include eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, skin cancer, and various other afflictions. And since acne is the most common skin condition of them all- with more than 50 million Americans suffering from it per year, it’s no wonder that there’s advertisements all over television and traditional print media touting skin care products that promise to improve the appearance of healthy, clear skin (as well as medical tinctures that may alleviate itching, burning, and redness caused by other skin irritations).

But what about other, more efficient and affordable ways to get your dermatology practice or skincare products out in front of people? Well, considering that 83 percent of Americans go online to look up health information, being in the top of the search engine results can help bring awareness to your dermatology practice.

Dermatology Reputation Management Services
Dermatology Reputation Management Agency

Making the jump to book an appointment or reach out to a new dermatologist is a big decision,and people want assurance that they will get the skincare treatment that they need. That’s why online reviews and dermatology reputation management is so valuable.

When potential patients find you, whether it’s through your SEO efforts, PPC, or word-of-mouth, then it’s important to be able to show that you’re the best in your field. That’s where our dermatology reputation management company comes in…we help dermatologists showcase what’s best about their practice so that potential patients can make informed decisions about who to go with.

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Get More Booked Appointments at Your
Dermatology Practice

According to a recent study, 83 percent of adults in the United States are using the internet to look up health information, and around 35 percent of them are using it to find specific healthcare for themselves or someone they love. Going a bit further, around 64 percent of patients book their doctor’s or dermatologist’s appointments online but only after doing extensive research and finding a dermatologist that they trust. Therefore, if you are looking for new patients, then Cardinal’s dedicated team of dermatology reputation management experts can help your practice stand out from the rest by creating brand awareness and facilitating trust, thus driving prospective patients to your dermatology practice.

Let Your Former Patients Be Your Sounding Board to Success

When it comes to finding new and innovative ways to keep one’s skin healthy,patients only go to the dermatologists that they trust and have proven track records of improving people’s skin conditions. At Cardinal’s dermatology reputation management company, we amplify the success stories of former patients by sharing that with the World Wide Web, thus driving your credibility and trust to the top of the search engine results where people can see them.

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Igniting Your Growth with Cardinal

Leverage Cardinal’s dermatology marketing solutions to grow your patient base.
Regarding your reputation, we work to:

Social Media Experts

Get Your Dermatology Practice Noticed

With all the competition out there, it’s important to stand out from the rest. Cardinal reputation management experts dig in and find out what makes your dermatology practice or products superior to the others by sharing your board certifications, credentials, and success stories- then we doing what it takes to get those 5-star reviews to the top of the search engine results.

Highlight Your Attributes

Through website design, content generation, social media, and PPC ad campaigns, we share what makes your dermatology practice unique and keep the messaging consistent across all platforms so that your patients can be assured that they made the right decision in getting the skin treatments they need.

Social Media Plans
Full Service Agency Partner

Establish Trust

Along with finding the right online review sites to promote your business and creating consistent messaging for search engines and your website, Cardinal reputation management experts look at your social media networks to see where we can prove to your followers that you are the expert in your industry.

Emphasize Testimonials

People want to find a dermatology that is going to help improve their quality of life, so they regularly refer to family, friends,and online reviews for advice and recommendations to find which dermatologist is right for them. Therefore, we make sure that the most positive reviews are boosted to the top of search engine results so that your potential patients can make an educated decision about who they are likely to trust and connect with.

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Share Positive News

Many organizations are highly involved in their communities, local charities, making incredible breakthroughs with their patients, along with winning awards and doing other great things related to their dermatology practice. But the problem is that no one knows about it! Cardinal reputation management experts meet with you in person wherever you are to learn about the exemplary things you are doing, then highlights your good work through our joint digital marketing efforts.

Push Trustworthy Sources to the Top

After finding your success stories, reputable colleagues, and glowing online reviews, Cardinal reputation management experts work hard to get that information to Page 1 of the search results page by using it in advertising, website, and other SEO content creation efforts.

Content Marketing

Case Studies

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How Cardinal Specializes in
Dermatology Reputation Management

Cardinal’s dermatology reputation management experts are skilled at finding and promoting the online reviews that boost your practice’s reputation. Our focus on search engine optimization, targeted advertising, and increasing brand awareness can be the catalyst to filling those empty patient time slots.

“Cardinal’s competitors constantly try to get us to switch to them.
We are not interested in switching.”

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Cardinal’s Proprietary Marketing Technology Benefits:

Double Patient Volume

Double Your Patient Volume for the Same Spend

Dump the campaigns that don’t generate returns. Our AI based marketing platform automatically optimizes towards the campaigns that are driving high value patients.

Executive Level Reporting

Executive Level Reporting

Give your bosses the type of analytical reporting that they didn’t even know was possible. No longer do you have to report on cost per lead. With LeadStream, you will now be able to report on the Cost Per Patient marketing…and show the ROI.

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