It seems that Google is always looking to pull another digital rabbit out of its bottomless hat. They seem to always be creating new and inventive ways to keep us marketers on our toes.

Just last week, an article made its way to my screen that furthers my ongoing theory: one day the earth will be one giant pixel of  information, controlled, ruled and owned by Google. On January 29, 2013, Google submitted a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) and stated that the company expects “the definition of ‘mobile’ to continue to evolve as more and more ‘smart’ devices gain traction in the market.”

According to the letter, “a few years from now [Google] and other companies could be serving ads and other content on refrigerators, car dashboards, thermostats, glasses, and watches.”

For those who remember — it seems so long ago now — last summer around this time, Google shook up the market and made a bold move by looking at mobile devices in an entirely different way. And now it appears that the company is looking for a way to do that again.

This new update will definitely bring a whole new meaning to re-marketing, or has Google already got that figured out too?

I’m all over the idea of my thermostat having the ability to show me some local rates for the competitors of my current utility company. Serves ’em right, they should know I don’t want to shell out extra dollars for some outrageous fees they make up as they go.

So, What’s Next?

Why stop at advertising on thermostats? How about not only being able to see an ad, but also click on it and switch providers on the go. Maybe Google could even find a way to work in some good old fashion Paid search too, right? Google you can throw me a bit of kick-back for that when those features role in.

If the next step is to introduce a thermostat which serves up ads that consumers are able to interact with, then I hope Google is staffing up an entire vertical of thermostat engineers. Hey, with this idea, who needs an alarm clock? Come on Google, look for a way to build that feature in too?

As for the additional devices mentioned in the letter — smoke alarms, glasses, refrigerators and watches — well time will tell if these ads can make it to market at an affordable price point and capture the right interest to create another level of data points for behavioral targeting. Fancy words, right? Google that term when you get some extra time, it will blow your mind on what engines are truly collecting from all of us.

In case you picked up on a hint of sarcasm from my end, I know it may sound like I’m on the fence with these inventions. Do I like them? Do I support them? For me, I can’t begin to explain how excited I am to work in an industry where innovation leads the way and my job is different everyday.

However, the best part is I’m not only reading about technology but creating the “Learn More” button along the way. Bring it on; I’m ready to give it all a try.