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2X Your Patient Volume

Patient Stream Enables You To Double Your Patient Volume Through More Efficient Google & Facebook Marketing

Tired of hearing your marketing company tell you how
many LEADS they drove?

Patient Stream ties your Google & Facebook campaigns directly to your EMR or CRM so our
marketing campaigns are optimized based on patients driven to your practice, not leads.

AI Based Marketing

Because our marketing campaigns are directly tied into your EMR we know which campaigns are driving patients and which aren’t. Our technology will automatically pause campaigns that are inefficient and boost spending to those that are increasing patient acquisition.

Full Funnel Patient Visualization

With Patient Stream you will know each step a patient took to find you. Did they start by seeing you in an SEO listing and end up converting through paid search? You are about to find out!


Double Patient Volume

Double Your Patient Volume for the Same Spend

Dump the campaigns that don’t generate returns. Our AI based marketing platform automatically optimizes towards the campaigns that are driving high value patients.

Modernize Medical Practice

Modernize Your Medical Practice

Tired of relying on billboards & TV that don’t have quantitative ROI numbers? Step into the future of marketing and run medical group patient preference campaigns digitally and see which campaigns bring top of the funnel awareness that ends up converting through bottom of the funnel campaigns down the road.

Executive Level Reporting

Executive Level Reporting

Give your CMO the reporting she didn’t even know was possible. No longer do you have to report on cost per lead. With Patient Stream, you will now be able to report on Cost Per Patient.

improve Patient Experience

Improve the Patient Experience

Keep patients in your hospital system by showing remarketing campaigns at the right time with the right message with Patient Stream. Your patients will never forget where to go for care.

Increase Patient Volume

Increase Patient Volume Across Service Lines

Patient Stream not only helps you see if a patient was driven from a campaign, we can also track a patient who came in through primary care and ended up having an ACL repaired.

Quote Mark

Patient Stream has revolutionzed our practice. Our leads have doubled and our cost hasn’t increased a bit.
It feels good to be on the cutting edge, please don’t tell anyone else about your platform.

Carolyn M | Practice Director
Atlanta Brain and Spine Care


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