Optimize your Marketing Campaigns With
The Only Multi-Local Analytics PlatformTM

When we realized there wasn’t a tool out there that
could help our multi-location clients understand the
ROI at each one of their locations we decided to
create our own.

It’s not enough to know how many leads you are driving across your entire brand,
you need to know lead quantity at each and every location.

With Ladybug, you are able to log into our platform and dial into each one of you locations to view things like ad spend, clicks and leads. We aggregate data from Facebook and Google to ensure you know what is going on each step of the way. Having each location’s data at your fingertips allows us to increase spend where needed and reduce inefficiencies – thus increasing your ROI.

More ROI within 30 days

Because Ladybug monitors campaigns at the local level you won’t be left wondering why you aren’t able to drive a higher volume of leads. Our platform dials into each location so we can optimize campaigns at the hyper local level, thus driving increased efficiencies and reducing wasted spend.

Multi-Location Companies Now Have
All The Data They Need

Ladybug imports data from CallRail inbound calls as
well as email forms and LiveChat so you never miss a
beat and know exactly how many leads you are
getting at any time.

Executive Level Reporting

We don’t try to confuse you with a complicated dashboard or lingo. The terms we use are
simple so you know your companies digital marketing performance at all times.

Executive Level Reporting

Know the Volume Of All Types Of Leads

Whether you generated the lead through a webinar or Adwords, Ladybug tells exactly where they came from.


Your multi-location business needs more customers.
With Ladybug, we will make sure you can see all the “spots” in your campaigns to ensure each one of your locations
drives the highest quantity & quality of leads possible.