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Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Paid Search Strategies That Bring High-Quality Leads Directly To Your Doorstep.

We deliver unbeatable ROI by leveraging efficient, scalable, and patient-centric paid search strategies. Our plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery PPC campaigns build and then capture demand, delivering high-quality leads to your website and turning your organization into a patient-generating machine.

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Why Paid Search Works For Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

We Employ Patient-Centric PPC Strategies That Fuel Real Results.

Scalable Multi-Location PPC Strategies

Masters of multi-location growth, we’re able to scale paid search campaigns to new locations and markets — without ever sacrificing efficiency. Our PPC experts build scalable account structures, guaranteeing smart spending that won’t blow your budget.


More High-Quality Leads Ready to Book

As the saying goes, not all leads are created equally. (Well, we’re pretty sure that’s how it would go if there was a saying like that!) Our PPC tactics ensure the people landing on your website actually become loyal patients.

Performance-Driven For Maximum Efficiency

We’re not just results-oriented, we’re results-obsessed. We continually optimize our campaigns to improve conversion rates and reduce your CPAs. We never rest on our laurels and are driven to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Integrated Reports for Complete Transparency

We proudly operate on transparency. You’ll always be able to monitor the health of your campaigns in real-time, with a full range of data insights across multiple parameters like regions, new locations, and acquisitions.

Cardinal Specializes in Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery PPC

There are plenty of people looking to get face lifts, liposuction, breast augmentation, nose reshaping, or eyelid lifts in an effort to enhance their looks and self-confidence, which brings a lot of competition within the cosmetic surgery industry.

Whether you realize it or not, people use online search engines as the first step in the search to find the best plastic surgeons closest to where they live. No matter what kind of plastic surgery you specialize in, you want to be noticed by being at the top of Google search results and with plastic surgery being one of the fastest growing medical industries in the United States, having a strong presence online is imperative.

The fastest, most efficient way to gain exposure and bring people in your area to your plastic surgery practice is by implementing a solid PPC strategy. But if you don’t know where to start, our plastic surgery PPC management company can help. Our dedicated cosmetic surgery PPC professionals know how to target the right keywords that attract new and qualified patients by using informative, eye-catching ad copy that amplifies your business and marketing message. But we don’t stop there- we will then optimize your website’s landing pages to make sure that those clicks convert into real dollars through booked appointments and giving patients the results they are after.

PPC for Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

Build a Dependable Lead Pipeline

Let Us Help You Improve People’s Self Confidence

According to a recent study, paid search accounts for an 80 percent increase in brand awareness. On top of that, 46 percent of people who are Googling keywords to find information they need can’t decipher between paid advertisements and organic search results. This means that a PPC campaign done right is a great way to get to the top of the SERPs and get noticed by people who are looking for your type of cosmetic services. However, it can cost more time and money trying to figure it out yourself than partnering with professional PPC experts. So, just like we wouldn’t try to perform liposuction on ourselves, you shouldn’t go into digital marketing alone either.

A Focus on Keyword Research

Our plastic surgery PPC experts already know that people looking for body enhancements are looking at how the procedure is performed, before and after pics, and costs. We understand all of this and after learning more about your goals, we dive right in to find the best keywords that target qualified leads, all while staying within your budget. We can help you create original and engaging ad copy that helps your cosmetic surgeons get noticed and drives patients to want to find out more. Then we launch the plan and consistently monitor the activity, redefining the strategy when necessary.

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Running an efficient plastic surgery PPC strategy shouldn’t be painful—or blow your budget. 

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What To Expect From Our Paid Search Services

We are thoroughly impressed with Cardinal’s ability to deliver a pipeline of high-quality leads to our door. Onboarding with them could not have gone any smoother, as they clearly value communication and transparency.

Ed Cunning Director of Marketing
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