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Transform Your Leads Into Loyal Patients

Pharmaceutical brands leverage CRO to increase the percentage of users who take meaningful action on their websites, making it a next-level step for mature media programs. Increase conversion volume, lower CPAs, and increase your lead-to-customer ratio—and watch your ROI skyrocket.

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Make The Most Of Your Website Hits

Here’s How Our CRO Tactics Help Pharmaceutical Brands Scale

Engage Patients with User-Centric Creative

Ultimately, there’s one thing that lies at the heart of any successful CRO strategy: your patients. That’s why we engage them with targeted messaging and creative that speaks directly to their pain points, attracting high-quality leads to your website and increasing conversion rates

Get More From Your Marketing Budget

Nobody likes watching money go down the drain. Strategic CRO helps pharmaceutical brands achieve higher conversion rates and maximize ad spend, keeping those well-earned dollars in their pockets where they belong.

Optimize The Patient Journey at Every Step

We make it easy for prospects to navigate your website, removing unnecessary steps to conversion. Truly, this is a win-win for both you and your patients: you get higher conversion rates, and they get the care they need.

Leverage Data-Driven Testing

Data is what guides CRO strategy. We dig deep and conduct robust, in-depth audits to develop an optimization strategy and testing roadmap. Our persistent focus on iterative improvements and results enhances the user experience and ultimately boosts conversion rates.

Actively Engage Patients With a Great Website

Is your pharma website working to improve your leads, conversions, and sales?

So you’ve spent a lot of money driving traffic to your website but for some reason, you’re struggling to increase your downloads, sign-ups, or drug purchases. In more ways than one, the customer’s experiences are shaped by what they experience online. If you can’t streamline your conversion funnels and provide a good website experience, you’ll consistently lose potential customers.

This is where conversion rate optimization (CRO) comes into play. However potential patients find you online, whether it’s through your SEO efforts, PPC, or word-of-mouth, once they’ve found your website they expect it to load quickly, be easy to navigate, and give them the information that they are looking for in a simple-to-digest manner.

Our comprehensive pharmaceutical CRO agency knows how to drive patients to your website. And once they have arrived, they see elements in the design that makes it easy for them to navigate and find what they are looking for via any device. We know how to create simple, beautiful websites with Call-To-Action’s that gently guide people on your website exactly where you want them to go. Along with that, we build secure data collection portals so that patients can feel comfortable sharing their personal information with you when filling out one of your forms.

CRO for Pharma

CRO Strategies That Improve Conversion Rates

Conversion Tracking

Not only do Cardinal web design experts set up your website, we make sure that everything is seamless and working the way it should be from the first impression through to when a form is submitted with a potential lead’s contact information or booked appointment. We understand how important it is for your website to be effective in order to get them to convert, so we monitor every step of the patient’s journey through the very end to make sure that everything is seamless and functioning properly.

Fast Loading Pages

People are in a hurry juggling work, family, and their personal life, so when you have an opportunity to get a few minutes of their attention then you better take advantage of it. Along with creating an effective, easy-to-read website, Cardinal web design experts know how to optimize the content so that it loads quickly, thus impressing your web visitors and making them want to come back for more.

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Cardinal’s pharmaceutical CRO marketing experts are skilled at creating customized CRO strategies that are catered to your location. Our focus on conversion rate optimization, targeted advertising, and increasing brand awareness can be the catalyst to expanding your patient base.

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Cardinal’s CRO Capabilities

Here’s What Our Pharmaceutical CRO Services Look Like

Deep Heuristic Walkthroughs

The heuristic walkthrough is an in-depth, systematic evaluation of your website through the lens of your users and their goals. We navigate your website to identify points of friction related to its functionality, layout, organization, content, messaging, and conversion experience.

Robust Testing Roadmaps

Your CRO engagement starts with a roadmap that’s backed by quantitative and qualitative research from Google Analytics, user recordings, heatmaps, and our heuristic walkthrough. Then, we develop hypotheses and a testing plan that’s aligned with your goals and budget.

Landing Pages That Convert

Your landing page is the first opportunity to grab your viewer’s attention and convince them to take action. Leveraging optimized copy and design, a great landing page will enhance your marketing and lead generation efforts. It will also yield insights such as demographic information about your prospective patients, which prospects are most engaged, and provide a deeper understanding of your marketing’s effectiveness.

Web Copy That Resonates

A well-designed website might attract fleeting eyes, but great copy captures them—and keeps them there. We hook your visitors with writing that resonates and ultimately converts. Great copy will attract qualified leads to your pharmaceutical brand website, keep visitors engaged until they’ve read your sales message, and encourage them to perform an action. Poor website copy will kill your chances for conversion.

Extensive Testing Strategies

Testing multiple versions of your website allows you to see which has the potential to bring in the highest possible conversion rate. We’ll help you carry out several types of tests, including:

  • A/B Tests: comparing the performance of two separate versions of the same site 
  • Multivariate Tests: determining the combination of elements that convert your customers best
  • Personalization: evaluating the effect of dynamic content based on parameters such as location, keyword, ad messaging, etc
  • Redirect Tests (Split URL): testing two variations of a page hosted on the same domain with different URLs

Thorough Website Testing Capabilities

There are many elements to a pharma website that could potentially help or hinder its performance. We’ll test them all to ensure we’re covering all the bases. That includes:

  • Structure/Layout
  • Copy/Messaging
  • Imagery
  • Dynamic content 
  • CTA buttons
  • Adding sections
  • Colors
  • Forms
  • Navigation
  • Conversion actions

Our Testing Technology

Our testing suite includes Convert, Mouseflow, and BrowserStack. Convert integrates with Google Analytics for measurement and can be reported through Google Data Studio. “Wrap up” insights are delivered at the end of the testing period to provide an analysis of performance segmented by relevant dimensions

Our Conversion Rate Optimization Process

CRO Frequently Asked Questions

New To CRO? Get Answers To Your Top Questions

You invest a lot just to get your website up and running. You’ve probably spent much of your budget on SEO planning, content creation, search engine ads, social media marketing, and other growth tactics. But all of that investment is meaningless if those site visits and ad clicks don’t turn into leads or customers. Most companies spend less than 5% of their marketing budgets on CRO—but companies who run sustained CRO programs can see between 200-500% improvement in conversion rates over time.

CRO is the final piece of the digital marketing puzzle, ensuring that the investment you’ve thrown into all of your digital brand assets is paying off at the highest possible rates. So yes, conversion rate optimization services are a phenomenal investment in long-term revenue growth!

Clients with low conversion rates and sub-optimal user experience (including on mobile) are prime candidates for CRO services. Websites with more than 10,000 sessions per month on landing pages will usually see a higher ROI for CRO.

CRO is also best for organizations with high-spending mature media programs. Usually, these programs have some non-converting spend that can be diverted to fund CRO. High-spending media programs tend to employ some tactics that have inefficient CPAs compared to their blended acquisition cost and will benefit from quality score improvements if landing page relevance improves. Plus, these kinds of media programs tend to get more traffic to begin with, so CRO is definitely worth it.

A CRO agency ensures that your digital marketing assets transform traffic into real revenue. They apply user experience best practices and proven tactics to increase form fills, purchases, click-throughs, and sign-ups across all your web and app properties. That includes your website, app store listings, PPC ads, mobile ads, and other forms of digital marketing like gated content and landing pages.

At Cardinal Digital Marketing, our CRO team begins by conducting a comprehensive study of your business goals, target audience, and digital properties. Quantitative and qualitative research informs each step of strategy development, and our in-depth audits help us develop a testing roadmap that’s aligned with your goals. Data from our experiments will help us expand on what’s working and stop what isn’t working. We never stop watching conversion rate performance; once we’ve nailed that your advertising and marketing content is converting successfully and on budget, we keep on working.

Our minimum contract length is six months. That’s about as much time as we’ll need to set a plan in motion and for you to start seeing results. After we’ve established a reliable, successful CRO strategy, we can work out the terms of our agreement month to month or annually. Clients are usually so pleased with our results that they are happy to sign a much longer agreement, but we can work with your confidence level.

If your website is not mobile-ready, SEO-optimized, or otherwise not ready for CRO fine-tuning, we’ll help you get moving with those important transformations first. Then we’ll work with you to develop additional tests for improving your conversion rates. Sometimes that’s as simple as removing excess fields from a lead form; other times, it’s changing the CTA design. Most of these edits are accomplished with basic CSS and Javascript or API integrations. Our team can work with your developers to ensure that there are no conflicts or major interruptions to the visitor experience.

We’ll help you set an ideal volume and cost-per-conversion number that match your business goals and predicted performance increases. To start, we’ll work on developing tests that may include design modifications, content hierarchy changes, new messaging, etc. Then your Cardinal CRO partners will keep improving the conversion funnel until they achieve the numbers you agreed on. Reports will become available each day through custom dashboards. You’ll also receive personal updates from your Cardinal agent, and you’ll know exactly when your conversion rate optimization work starts to pay dividends.

Yes! CRO can be highly effective for SEO clients. You spend a lot of time improving rankings and generating organic traffic, don’t let those users bounce when they experience friction. SEO traffic is more difficult to acquire, so converting it at the highest possible rate is crucial to optimal website performance. Before we make any major changes, we collaborate with the SEO team to ensure that CRO changes will not adversely impact rankings.

Our investment in Cardinal is the best money we’ve spent this year by a mile! The team is incredibly fast-moving, communicative, and helpful; they’ve really become an extension of our team. Our partnership has made our growth stress-free.

Haley Jepson Marketing Manager
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