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As the #1 SEO agency in healthcare, we’ve helped hundreds of LASIK providers, treatment centers, nursing facilities, and specialty practices achieve higher search rankings and generate new patients. 

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Growth-Oriented SEO

Cardinal’s SEO Services Stand Out From The Crowd

Scalable SEO Strategies

We’ve helped some of the nation’s largest healthcare providers scale their SEO strategies to new locations and markets. Through complex mergers and acquisitions or de novos, we ensure your brand achieves top rankings and a steady pipeline of organic leads. 

Future-Forward Search

At Cardinal, we don’t react to trends; we predict them. We strategically position our LASIK clients to capture future demand with comprehensive search landscape analyses and a blue-ocean approach to creating uncontested growth opportunities. 

Strategic Keyword Targeting

We know LASIK like the back of our hands and have a deep understanding of motivations and intent across the entire patient journey. This enables us to develop full-funnel keyword and content strategies that not only nurture prospects but get them to convert.

Roadmaps & Ranking Forecasts

Marketing fluff doesn’t fly at Cardinal. We’re all about proven, bespoke SEO strategies that increase rankings and drive organic traffic. You’ll always have full access to roadmaps, reports, and KPIs that forecast rankings for maximum transparency. 

LASIK Practices Need a Solid Web Presence

As one of the five major senses, people rely on their eyesight to do everyday tasks and maintain their quality of life. And fortunately, the evolution of LASIK and innovative ophthalmology practices have allowed people to see clearly once again. But getting your eyesight back to 20/20 vision and taking that step towards LASIK surgery is a big decision, and it’s likely that you are not the only doctor who specializes in the practice. Therefore, where do people go to find out about you?

Truthfully, they probably turn to their friends and family first who have had experience with improving their eyesight. However, if they are going into this blindly (no pun intended), then they probably go to the internet to read reviews and find the most successful eye doctors in their area. That’s why it’s important to have a presence on the internet so that the right people who are actively looking for your eyesight services can quickly and easily find you. No matter what kind of LASIK or ophthalmology practice you specialize in, you want to be noticed at the top of Google search results.

Our comprehensive LASIK SEO strategies make sure that patients get the help they need, and you get more booked appointments (leading to increased revenue) by gently leading people to your website over your competitors’. That’s what makes SEO so powerful and an essential component of digital marketing that no business can afford to overlook


Local SEO Strategies so Patients Find Your Brand First

Let Us Help You Improve People’s Eyesight

According to a recent study, 46 percent of people who Google keywords to find the information they need can’t decipher between paid advertisements and organic search results. This means that a comprehensive SEO campaign is a great way to get to the top of the SERPs and noticed by patients who are looking for LASIK service. However, it can cost more time and money trying to figure it out yourself than partnering with professional SEO experts. So, just like we wouldn’t try to perform eye surgery on ourselves, you shouldn’t go into digital marketing alone either.

Digital Marketing and SEO for LASIK Practices

As a local LASIK doctor, you should be at the forefront of providing help to people with deteriorating vision in order to boost their quality of life and maintain the credibility that you worked so hard for. Since everyone goes to the internet these days for help, information, and advice, it’s in your best interest to at least try it out…and be pleased when more patients start coming your way. With our renowned LASIK SEO management team, we’re committed to designing customized SEO, PPC, web design, and social media strategies that drive results- and new patients- to your ophthalmology practice.

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Our Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Organic Landscape & Competitor Assessment

Think of this as your preliminary SEO wellness check-up. We start by analyzing your LASIK SEO as-is, conducting assessments to compare your current rankings to your competitors’, discover your traffic share percentage, and collect backlink profiles.

Local SEO at Scale

At its core, healthcare is a local service. So, how do you develop local SEO strategies for dozens or hundreds of locations? You need an organized and scalable SEO strategy if you want to reach patients across markets. We have deep experience managing the complexities of scaling local SEO strategies from 20 locations to more than 500.

Multi-location Citation Management

Citations are a critical ranking factor for local search, and they can get messy as you scale. We ensure your business is listed accurately in each of your growing markets, enabling referral traffic and ultimately earning real estate on Google’s first page.

Future Thinking SEO Strategies / Entity Optimization

As user queries become more unique, Google uses entities to match user intent to results—even when the keywords aren’t an exact match. We help you identify the core concepts that prospective patients are searching for. These insights become the foundation for high-ranking content strategies and ensure you show up in results.

Strategic Link Building

Some agencies will acquire backlinks from who-knows-where and point them to your site willy-nilly. Not us. We strategically source high-quality backlinks from high DA websites, injecting your site with the quality and reliability that prospective patients–and Google–will trust.

Full-funnel Content Strategy

From treatment pages to blogs to everything in between, we’re experts at producing empathetic, human-centered content that’s aligned to meet the needs of your patients at every step of the funnel. This includes authoritative content for condition and treatment pages, as well as helpful blog content.

Site Architecture Optimizations

Need a new website? No problem. Want to clean up your old one? Can do. Thinking of merging sites together? Yes, we can do that— well, you get the point. No matter what the ask, we ensure your site is properly structured to make it easy for both users to navigate and Google to crawl.

Scalable Technical SEO

Cardinal believes in creating scalable website structures that set you up for long-term success. This scalable technical framework ensures your content gets discovered, crawled, indexed, and ranked at a much faster rate.

Our investment in Cardinal is the best money we’ve spent this year by a mile! The team is incredibly fast-moving, communicative, and helpful; they’ve really become an extension of our team. Our partnership has made our growth stress-free.

Haley Jepson Marketing Manager
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