From Awareness to Advocacy: Crafting Privacy-Centric Patient Journeys in Healthcare

Hosted by Becker's Hospital Review, we teamed up with Freshpaint's Ray Mina for a deep dive into not just adhering to HIAPPA regulations, but using them as a foundation to build stronger, more meaningful connections with patients.

Learn the Secrets to Successfully Navigating Privacy-First, Full-Funnel Marketing.

The patient journey unfolds across four key stages — from initial awareness to lasting loyalty. At each stage, technology’s role is pivotal. But building a patient journey that seamlessly moves patients from one stage to the next comes with its own set of challenges, notably HIPAA compliance.

You’ll walk through steps to integrate technology into each step of the patient journey and build a healthcare marketing strategy that not only complies with regulations but also connects deeply with patients at every touchpoint through the strategic use of first-party data.

You’ll learn:

  • What privacy-first marketing means
  • How data improves funnel efficiency, and why a privacy-first ecosystem allows you to maximize performance beyond what was previously thought possible
  • The data, tools and tactics needed at each stage of the patient journey
  • How to govern protected health information to protect patient privacy

About the Speakers

Rich Briddock
Chief Strategy Officer,
Cardinal Digital Marketing

As an integral part of Cardinal’s leadership team, Rich oversees ALL client strategies. He specializes in developing holistic patient acquisition journeys that nurture patients through the funnel. As a master of optimization, he uncovers opportunities to remove conversion barriers and improve the patient experience, generating more qualified leads for clients.

Rich is an expert in building closed-loop reporting capabilities and helping clients gain insight into their marketing investments. He has deep experience developing media strategies for multi-location healthcare groups with 500+ locations and is driven to maximize performance.

Ray Mina
Head of Marketing,

Ray is a serial marketing entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience leading marketing and go-to-market functions across seven startups. Ray has led marketing and sales at ed-tech startup TreeRing, legal tech startup Lawyaw (acquired by Clio), and construction tech startup Fieldwire (acquired by Hilti).

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Our extensive experience and innovative approach make us the preferred healthcare marketing company for high-growth, multi-site providers. A partnership with Cardinal means highly targeted strategies that increase patient volume, improve brand recognition, and drive revenue. Performance marketing, on your parameters.

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