I wondered whether or not I could’ve somehow pushed this blog post back a little considering it’s Sunday night, it’s due tomorrow morning and I’m just now getting a chance to start it. But that would be missing the point of it, and that’s when the light bulb went on (luckily, so I didn’t have to be up into the wee hours still trying to come up with the perfect topic).

Blogging is one of the most powerful ways to connect with the world and your potential customers. In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), it’s a great way to raise your company’s Internet presence and therefore, its visibility. At the end of the day, these can lead to more revenue for your company.

Blogging Can Increase Revenue, Okay, But How??

Google rewards websites for frequently generating original, quality content. The best way to do so is with a blog. Having a dedicated internal blogger, third-party professional service or getting everyone engaged (as we do here at Cardinal) could change your business a lot more than you realize. (I could’ve convinced you the only way to go is by hiring a company to blog for you, but it would’ve seemed shameless considering we do this. But it is!)

You might also be surprised to learn that you don’t even have to blog every single day – once or twice a week is usually enough. Just make sure that what you are blogging about is relevant, topical and educational. Use your blog to tell customers about what products and services you offer and what’s going on with your company. Use it to let customers know you are an industry expert and that they should return to your blog on a regular basis for more. More importantly, make sure you exhibit why the information you’re spoon-feeding them is worth a damn to them, hence my shameless I-didn’t-want-to-reveal-my-true-agenda-but-I’m-going-to-anyway ploy. I truly do hope people learn the importance of blogging from this post, but I’d really prefer that someone be swayed to take a gander at our SEO content services. Either way, I’ll still consider this post a success, as it is contributing to our own SEO. After all, companies with blogs reportedly have 55 percent more traffic to their website. Business-to-consumer companies with blogs gain 88 percent more monthly leads, and business-to-business companies with blogs gain 67 percent more leads a month.

You might look at blogging as a supplemental feature of your website, a mere creative outlet, but don’t overlook this powerful tool. The next time you consider skipping your weekly post, remember that an hour or two of your time could lead to millions of dollars for you and your business.

How many blogs a week would you estimate you read?