There’s been big talk surrounding access to big data lately. If you’re unfamiliar with Google Trends, it is a great big data resource for keeping up with current search trends and seeing what people are searching for around the world. This tool comes in handy for a number of reasons. When it comes to marketing, it gives agencies the ability to create campaigns based on what the market is currently interested in, as well as predicting upcoming trends based on past data. Let’s talk about how your business can benefit from using Google Trends.

How can Google Trends help your business?

Get Content and Topic Ideas

You can see what’s trending at this moment. The Trending Now feature is helpful for coming up with blog or article content ideas. This list shows you exactly what you need to create and distribute relevant content in a timely manner.

Monitor the Competition

You can specify your topic search to Country, Date, Category, and  type of search (whether it’s a web, image, news, Google shopping, or YouTube search).  The Google Trends search below shows the interest over time  in the wireless carries Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile. Businesses can use this feature to see how their popularity on the web compares to their competitors.


Improve your Ads

You can look at trending charts and lists in the U.S from the past month. The Top Charts feature provides an overview of people’s search habits on the internet in each country. This information is helpful for creating relevant ad campaigns because it shows what is most important to consumers. Use this information to improve PPC, display, and social media campaigns.

Google Trends gives your business the ability to explore trending topics in depth by interest over time, regional interest and related searches.

Cool stuff, right? Well, last Friday, Google announced that users can get the hottest topics on Google delivered directly to their inbox. It’s the little things that count, right? With a simple subscribe feature, Google has once again made our lives a little bit easier. You can customize your subscription by topic and by country. It works just like Google Alerts.

Once you subscribe to a topic, you’ll receive notifications when there is an increase in the search volume of that topic. Thanks, Google!

Access to big data opens up many opportunities for businesses.  With this information, businesses can interpret market demand for a product, predict consumer needs based on past trends, see how many people are searching for the competitors, and see what people are talking about in other industries. What else can your business use Google Trends for?