Around the office, it’s no secret that I adore children. So when Alex, our CEO, mentioned that we were going to do a philanthropy project for Hands On Atlanta at River Eves Elementary School in Roswell, I nearly leapt for joy. What a great way to give back to our community and support children’s education!

River Eves Elementary was one of the beneficiaries of the Hands On Atlanta Day project that took place on October 6th. The school was working on several beautification projects to improve the overall appearance of the campus. Volunteers had several options of what they could choose to do, and most of our team ended up helping to repaint the school’s old sign or helping in the school’s reading garden.

We had a blast! Alex and Doug, our Director of SEO at the time, each brought their respective children, and we all were able to make a solid contribution to beautifying River Eves Elementary. Doug’s daughters and I bounced from project to project, going where we could do the most good. We managed to paint part of the sign, work on two different gardening projects, and seal a picnic table! The girls had a great time learning about each project, and I had a great time helping them.

Volunteer work is such an important part of all of our lives at Cardinal Digital Marketing. We know that the work we do helps out our community, but it also helps to bind us together even more closely as a team. The real secret to why we are as amazing as we are is that we do so many things together: we volunteer together, we play together, and that makes us work well together.

If you’re interested in helping with a Hands On Atlanta project, you’re actually in luck. Hands On Atlanta Day is not the only major volunteering opportunity they offer; in fact, this weekend, on Saturday, October 27th, they are hosting another big volunteer day called Make a Difference Day. There are volunteer opportunities all around the city for Make a Difference Day, which you can sign up for.

Go out, volunteer, and get some dirt under your nails. It improves our community, and it feels great to help out!