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We create custom Facebook ads that bolster your patient pipeline and lower your CPAs while we’re at it.

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Social Media For Strategic Growth

Custom Facebook Campaigns For Optometry & Ophthalmology Centers

Your patients are spending time on Facebook. We help you meet them where they are via targeted Facebook campaigns that build demand early by connecting with patients at each stage of the sales funnel. 

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Why Cardinal’s Optometry & Ophthalmology Facebook Strategies Convert

Our Advertising Strategy Spans The Full Funnel

We intimately understand how your patients move through the sales journey. That’s why we develop targeted ad content that resonates with your patients no matter where they are in the funnel. This generates more high-quality leads at a lower cost, stamping down CPAs while keeping your optometry & ophthalmology center’s pipeline full.

We Create Social Ads Your Audience Loves

Cardinal employs patient-centric messaging strategies and creative to connect with them on an intimate level. Our ads speak directly to their desires and pain points, creating a holistic solution to their needs that sparks their interest and attention

We’re Performance-Driven

We don’t just create advertisements that look pretty on a web page. Those ads convert and lead paying patients directly to your optometry & ophthalmology center, helping you optimize revenue and boosting your return on advertising spend.

Our Reports Are Holistic And Integrated

We pride ourselves in our transparent workflows and seamless collaboration with clients. You’ll always have full visibility into the performance of your social campaigns and access to all of your data in live dashboards that are updated in real-time.

Facebook Ads For Optometry & Ophthalmology

Social Media Can Make or Break Your Facility

For an optometry & ophthalmology practice, there’s a lot of value to having a Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media account promoting your eyecare services. Not only does it provide another venue to get in front of potential patients, it is where everyone is spending their time these days. Optometry & ophthalmology practices that have social media accounts get noticed and having a complete profile while actively engaging with your followers shows that you care, thus improving your trust and credibility. Therefore, it’s important to not only have an account but use it to its full advantage and invest in social media advertising so that patients looking for your services can easily get the information and help they need.

Our comprehensive optometry & ophthalmology social media advertising agency ensures that patients consider you over any other doctor when booking an appointment with a new optometrist. Potential patients want to find someone they can trust, has the success rate to be able to back up their practice, and be able to put a face to the eye surgeons who can better their eyesight.

Facebook Ads for Optometry & Ophthalmology Practices

Digital Marketing And SEO For Optometry & Ophthalmology Centers

Cardinal’s optometry & ophthalmology social media advertising management team is committed to using Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media networking sites to drive leads by creating quality content that people can relate to. Social media also gives us the opportunity to reach a wider audience and attract those who may not find you otherwise.

Create Ads That Engage and Build Demand for Optometry & Ophthalmology Centers

As one of the five major senses, people rely on their eyesight to do everyday tasks and maintain their quality of life. Fortunately, the innovative optometry & ophthalmology practices have allowed people to see clearly once again. Since everyone goes to the internet these days for help, information, and advice it’s worth it to at least try social media. With our optometry & ophthalmology specialized social media experts, we can help you create engaging and informative posts that boost your brand awareness and increase booked appointments.

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We’ll help you create performance-driven Facebook ad campaigns that lead loyal, paying optometry & ophthalmology patients right to your front door. Get in touch with us to learn how!

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Optometry & Ophthalmology Paid Social Toolkit

We Fuel Growth With Strategic Facebook Ad Tactics

Funnel-Based Messaging Strategies

We deploy funnel-based nurture strategies to reach your patients with the right message—and at the right time and place. We create more complex, high acuity client journeys, including remarketing to patients, to keep your funnel full while driving down costs.

Ad Copy Writing

We’re all about copywriting that converts. Every single ad Cardinal creates for your optometry & ophthalmology center is crafted to inspire meaningful action in your patients, ultimately bringing more paying patients to your door while reducing CPAs.


Our ad design not only catches attention but captures the hearts of the patients who matter most. No matter the medium, we’ll craft scroll-stopping creative that generates loyal patients, whether that’s in a single image, carousel, or video format.

Creative Testing and CRO

We continuously monitor your Facebook ad performance to ensure you’re getting the highest ROI on your advertising spend. When we notice something isn’t working, we analyze, test, and improve.

HIPAA Compliant Ads

Worried that your ads won’t be HIPAA compliant? Don’t be! We understand how to navigate every HIPAA regulation to ensure all your ads are compliant, so we can care for your advertising needs while respecting your patients’ privacy.

Post-Click Optimizations

We’ll help you supercharge conversions by aligning pre and post-click UX. User research and testing allow us to apply pre-click test learnings to your post-click landing page. We continue testing content, structure, and imagery across your post-click landing page and other key pages to convert clicks into booked patients.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

We leverage DCO to enhance creative reporting and optimizations across the entire funnel, building real-time campaigns tailored to individual patients. We regularly test DCO components in rotation to create the best combination on the market and increase CVR. l.

Audience Enhancements And Optimization Strategies

We gauge how well different ads perform among various audience segments. Once we’ve determined performance by audience, we divide the top-performing ad set to continuously hone in on which audience resonates with which content.

We value our strong partnership with Cardinal and their ability to consistently crush conversion goals, month over month. Communicative and responsive to our business objectives, the team is constantly looking for ways to improve performance and fuel our growth.

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