Reactivate Overdue & Lapsed Patients

Patient Reactivation Strategies

Have you lost a few patients along the way? Don’t worry; we can get ‘em back. We handle all aspects of your patient reactivation program creating custom trigger-based sequences that help you reengage lost patients.

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Don’t Let Your Patients Slip Away

Reactivate Patients or Risk Losing Them For Good

Don’t let inaction cost you. Combat patient attrition with our custom reactivation workflows. We not only ensure patients return to your practice but also safeguard them from being enticed by competitors. Fostering regular re-engagement is key to boosting revenue and patient lifetime value.

Reconnect & Revive

Reaching Dormant Patients Through Every Channel

An estimated 25% of patients are overdue or lost from their practice. Whether they left without booking a follow-up or overlooked reminders, we identify prime opportunities and deploy automated workflows to get them back to your practice.


SMS campaigns are a great way to connect with overdue patients. They can drastically decrease no-show rates and effectively remind patients when it’s time to schedule their next visit. 


A well-crafted email marketing campaign can be just what you need to reignite that lost spark. We help you create campaigns with personalized messages, special offers, and clear call-to-actions.


Say goodbye to time-consuming manual recall methods. With our proven process, automated systems effortlessly connect with inactive patients using personalized messages and reminders.

Let Us Help You Reactivate Lost Patients

Don’t forget about lapsed or overdue patients. Our automated outreach solutions make it easy for them to book new appointments. 

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HIPAA-Compliant Reactivation Solution

Cardinal’s Blueprint for Reactivation

We actively manage your reactivation strategy, use A/B testing, and continuously optimize messages to re-engage your overdue patient base.

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Questions About Patient Reactivation?

Here’s what you can expect from our patient reactivation services:

For measuring the success of patient reactivation, we focus on several key performance indicators. We consider the return on investment (ROI), the total number of patients reactivated, the overall patient lifetime value, and the reduction in churn rate. Together, these metrics provide a comprehensive view of our reactivation strategies’ effectiveness in both the short and long term.

Patients might not rebook appointments for a variety of reasons. They may feel better and believe they no longer need the service, or they could be dissatisfied with their previous experience. Additionally, forgetfulness, conflicting schedules, or a lack of understanding about the importance of follow-up care can also contribute. It’s essential to address these concerns proactively to maintain continuous patient engagement and care.

Some effective triggers include the duration since their last appointment, missed appointment anniversaries, reminders about annual check-ups or seasonal vaccinations, personalized health tips or updates, and special promotions or loyalty benefits. Understanding the unique needs and behaviors of your patients allows us to leverage these triggers more effectively, ensuring timely and relevant engagement.

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Increase Patient Lifetime Value with Reactivation

Don’t let your patients slip away. We’ll help you unlock revenue opportunities by engaging lapsed patients using customized reactivation workflows.

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