Galter LifeCenter was Illinois’ first – and Chicago’s only – certified medical fitness center. Galter’s partnership with the staff at Swedish Covenant Hospital has allowed them to offer services that go far beyond traditional fitness centers.

The trained staff at Galter LifeCenter develop customized fitness strategies for their members to ensure that everyone who walks through their doors gets the most out of their time.

Despite their long-standing reputation in the Chicago community, Galter understood that they needed a contemporary approach to digital marketing in order to attract new clients to their center.

They turned to Cardinal for help.

We knew from the onset that Galter’s best approach to seeing fast and measurable results would be to employ a comprehensive PPC strategy.

Galter had existing PPC campaigns in action; however, after careful assessments and audits, our team decided it was best to rebuild these campaigns from scratch.

At the core of our new campaigns were newly researched keyword lists we developed, designed to build awareness and excitement around the gym’s many fitness programs, including aquatics, Pilates, and personal training.

In a bustling city like Chicago, building PPC strategies around these competitive key terms could result in rather pricey ad budgets. However, we helped minimize the investment Galter had to make because of the time we took to develop a negative keyword list for each campaign. These negative keyword lists ensured that the ads we developed were only displayed to those audiences most likely to become qualified leads.

Once our keywords were set, we got to work designing and writing ads that spoke directly to the hearts and minds of our targeted audiences. With such little space to work with, every word and image matters in a PPC ad; we took an all-hands-on-deck approach to ad development, employing the expertise of our designers, writers, and marketing strategists to ensure each ad hit its mark.

Our thorough research, list-building, and attention to detail delivered incredible results. Galter now receives an average of 150 new leads each month, with a 33% increase in month-to-month conversions, at an average cost-per-lead under $22.

Our paid media team continues to monitor our client’s campaigns and optimizes their bid strategies whenever opportunity strikes. As a result, Galter’s click-through rates continue to improve by 10% each month.

The successes of these current campaigns allow us now to expand our strategies to even more service areas and prospects.

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