You see your friends post on Instagram every day, but probably don’t think too much about how businesses can use this useful app for their social media marketing campaigns.

Instagram’s popularity among users has risen by 25 percent since December 2013, and it is a great way to reach the younger demographic. Companies are seeing a higher user interaction rate on Instagram than Facebook or Twitter, and it has become the favored platform.

Set up Your Account

To start off, make sure your account is completely set up. You should have a relevant and professional profile picture, your website listed and a short description of your business. Leaving these small details out could make a big difference in gaining a new follower or potential new client. Also make sure to set your profile to public so that everyone can see it. You want to make the profile easy for potential clients to access in order to learn about your brand.

Make it Fun!

People love taking pictures of things they love and that follower’s love viewing. Pictures are expressive and can be a great way to give a visual when words alone can’t do it justice. The more unique and fun the posts are, the more likes and interest you will receive, therefore increasing your followers and brand awareness.

Brand Yourself

Every picture posted should be a positive representation of your business and portray the image for which you are going. However, not all posts have to be a direct picture of your product, service or employee. Let the world know you are relatable, but always tie whatever you’re posting back to the business in some way, shape or form. For example, post an artsy pic of your morning coffee and caption it: “Starting my day off right. It’s going to be a productive Monday in the Internet marketing world!”


Advertise, advertise, advertise! That is what this is all about, right? Take advantage of situations where your products can been seen in unique, exciting ways. Think outside the box and have your products in settings that will grab the user’s attention. Coca-Cola showed their creativity on National Dog Day, using a coke six-pack strapped to a pooch.


Videos are a great way to educate your audience. Need to demonstrate how your product works or show off a new feature of an existing one? Bingo! Take a video and show the world. Videos have more views in the “off hours” (9 p.m. – 8 a.m. EST), so make sure you are posting them during the optimal times as well.


Use hashtags! Be creative and make sure they are actually relevant to your post. Multiple hashtags are fine, but don’t overuse them either (more than 10 is unnecessary). Hashtags increase visibility among people who might not even know your brand and weren’t looking for your service/products. But, over-hashtagging can appear spammy and lead people to unfollow your account because you might not look like you have authority or that you’re going to post anything valuable to them.

Put your hashtags in your first comment as opposed to your caption. Immediately after posting your picture, comment on your own photo. By doing so, all of the comments you’ll get from others will go hidden and your initial comment with your hashtags will still be visible.

Don’t Be a Ghost

Respond to comments and users, making sure to tag them with your text or they won’t be notified that you responded. Interaction will show your involvement and interest in your consumer. The more you respond, the more people will realize you are a brand on which they can rely.

Ensure Your Hard Work is Paying Off

You can monitor your account and get keys metrics at Make it part of your routine to check out how things are doing. You can view your history, growth and community involvement. This will give you good insight into what you are doing well and tips on what you can do better.