Building a digital marketing strategy in 2015 is imperative. It is estimated that 75 percent of marketers are increasing or keeping their Digital Marketing budgets due to the substantial and consistent ROI. There is also a projected 12 percent increase in ad spend for brand building in 2015. In the New Year we suggest that you steer away from just what your company DOES and can DO and to focus on WHY you do it in the first place.

Top Tips for Building a Content Strategy

  1. Encourage Engagement: Create opportunities for your audiences to engage in conversations, get advice and network.
  2. Find a Voice and Stick to it: Audiences can tell when your content is authentic and when it is a sales pitch. If you want to consistently engage target demographics and increase qualified leads then consistency through every channel is crucial.
  3. Create Visual Content (Videos and Infographics): Facebook recently reported that videos receive the highest engagement on that platform. It has also been reported time and again that visual content is the best for grabbing people’s attention and keeping it.
  4. Content Marketing is Here to Stay: Focus on building content as its own service and tool rather than using it solely to serve SEO purposes – content has become an important motivator for purchase. In fact, 90 percent of consumers report that content contributes to purchase decision.
  5. Promote. Promote.Promote.


Top Tips for Social Media Marketing

  1. Build it so They’ll Come: First, focus on creating an awesome website and ensuring that it is mobile friendly and fast.
  2. Inbound and Outbound Can be Friends: Partner with PR to create a holistic inbound and outbound marketing strategy.
  3. Don’t Chase Google: Stop “chasing the algorithm” and just focus on being authentic and transparent whenever possible.
  4. Be Genuine on all Platforms: Remember that Google, Facebook and/or “insert channel here,” are not updating algorithms to drive you crazy. The goal is to get back to a genuine focus on optimal user experience.
  5. Earn Trust for Long-term Success: Become a trusted advisor for your target demographics through thought leadership instead of vaguely disguised sales pitches.


 Do you remember what we said above about being mobile friendly? Here is why we are so sure that you will gain from this investment.

  1.  Mobile search is used over 50 percent more often than user
  2. Mobile is set to increase $12.85 billion in revenue this year.
  3. There is a projected $4.13 billion increase in mobile search ad spend.
  4. Mobile coupon usage is projected to increase among adults.
  5. Mobile advertising will minimize traditional forms by 30+ percent.


What are you doing to attract, engage and convert?

It appears that 2015 offers a multitude of opportunities for profit-driven marketing and brand building. If there are any tactics or strategies that you’ve experimented with and found successful, please share them in the comments below!

If you need help getting started with a digital strategy, Cardinal Web Solutions would love to help. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below, send us questions on Twitter (@CardinalWS) or contact us directly to discuss a digital marketing strategy that will grow your business.