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Leverage Cardinal’s university social media marketing solutions to grow your student base.
Cardinal provides:

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Social Media Management Experts
Cardinal has a whole team of social media management experts with over a decade of digital marketing knowledge. These social media marketing mavens know exactly how to streamline Facebook ad budgets, share engaging Instagram photos, and create effective LinkedIn posts that prove that you’re an expert in your industry, ultimately boosting your brand reputation and profits.

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Customized Social Media Plans
Cardinal works with your business to put together a customized social media marketing plan that is creative, consistent, and builds your brand’s recognition and trust.
We also take the time to meet with you right here in the area to analyze your current social media presence, determining what is working and what can be improved upon. Taking your account as seriously as we do our own, we’ll maximize your social media ad spend thus giving you a better ROI.

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A Full-Service Agency Partner
As a family of social media marketing and SEO specialists, we’re ready to come visit you in person and get started on boosting your web presence and meeting your customers. There is so much potential to grab new business that we would love to be a part of your growth and success.

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Conversion Tracking
Not only do Cardinal social media management experts set up your ad campaigns, we make sure that everything is seamless and working the way it should be to the very end. We look at every step of the buyer’s journey from the very first time they see your Instagram picture or your LinkedIn post to students signing up to classes- we track and analyze everything.

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Web Development and Design
Every website should be unique and capture the customer’s attention while being easy to navigate. Cardinal can create simple to complex websites using the latest WordPress technology. We’ll meet with you in your office to go over your goals, analyze your landing pages, and help optimize your website to capture more leads.

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Content Writing
Whether you need someone to regularly create Facebook posts or manage a blog on your website to share to your social media networks, Cardinal’s experienced writers can consistently provide fresh content, utilizing SEO and your top keywords while still providing quality, engaging copy.

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Social Media = Value

Whether you realize it or not, there’s a lot of value to having a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or other social media account associated with your university as it provides a way to share educational content, establish trust amongst students and staff, and boost your reputation. Higher education centers that have social media accounts get noticed, therefore it’s important to not only have an account but invest in social media advertising so that you can convert those followers into enrolled students.

Universities Social Media Services
Social Media Leads for Universities

Social Media = Leads

Our comprehensive university social media advertising agency ensures that students consider you over your competitors when searching for a place to further their education. Potential students want to put a face and a personality to a college and having your university at the forefront of social media will help prospective students feel welcome and included.

Cardinal Higher Education Social Media Advertising Agency helps people looking for a new school find your website in search results over your competitors through social media advertising, PPC, and implementing SEO strategies. Like investing in SEO, university social media advertising is an essential component of a digital marketing plan that no learning center can afford to overlook.

Find and Enroll New Students to Your University

Around 20 million students are enrolling in colleges in the 2019-20 school year to pursue an Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s, PhD, or to obtain a certificate, and as a higher education institution you want to be the driving force to helping students pursue their dreams.

And do you know where they go to find the courses and education they need? Online. Therefore, if you are looking for new students, then Cardinal’s dedicated team of higher education social media experts can help your college stand out from the rest by creating brand awareness and facilitating trust, thus driving perspective students to your university.

Find and Enroll New Students with Cardinal's Social Media Services
Digital Marketing and Social Media Services for Universities

Social Media Advertising for Colleges and Universities

We all know that more education leads to better opportunities in life and can open the door to earning more money to help boost your quality of life. Whether someone wants to become a doctor, a lawyer, or pick up a vocation that simply offers more stability, colleges and universities help make those dreams happen.

However, in order to attract students to your college and help them find the courses that they’re looking for, you have to be online. Fortunately, Cardinal’s higher education social media advertising team can help because it is committed to designing customized SEO, PPC, and social strategies that drive results- and new students- to your university.

Cardinal Specializes in Higher Education Social Media Advertising

Cardinal’s higher education social media advertising experts are skilled at creating customized college social media advertising campaigns that are catered to your college. Our focus on search engine optimization, targeted advertising, and increasing brand awareness can be the catalyst to expand your student base.

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Cardinal’s Proprietary Marketing Technology Student Stream’s Benefits:

Double Your Student Volume for the Same Spend

Dump the campaigns that don’t generate returns. Our AI based marketing platform automatically optimizes towards the campaigns that are driving high value students.

Modernize Marketing

Executive Level Reporting

Give your bosses the type of analytical reporting that they didn’t even know was possible. No longer do you have to report on cost per lead. With Student Stream, you will now be able to report on the Cost Per Student marketing…and show the ROI.

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