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$251 billion

of the US’s gross domestic product is spent every year on tort costs.

Tort costs average


per civil case.

With over

1.3 million

lawyers in the US, setting your law firm apart from the rest is tough.



Google US searches occur each month for legal groups that practice civil litigation.


Cardinal’s legal marketing solutions focus on getting the right clients into your office. Prospective clients need to understand the value of the services you provide and trust you’re experienced to help them win their legal battles.

You need to set yourself apart from other civil litigation groups by highlighting your quality of service, distinguishing characteristics and reputation.


Clark and Washington LLC

Organic (SEO) leads up 52% over the previous year PPC leads up 49.05% over the previous year

Ryan Montgomery Attorney at Law

62.79 percent increase in organic conversion rates in the first 6 months.


People rely on the internet to find legal advice and reputable firms. At Cardinal, our digital strategy will work to expand your web presence. We’ll drive new clients to your office and help grow your civil litigation practice.

Igniting your Growth with Cardinal

Leverage Cardinal’s legal marketing solutions to grow your civil litigation practice’s client base.


27,900 Google searches occur each year for civil litigation in the US. In addition, nearly 15.5 percent of people locate legal aid through Google searches every year.

SEO for your civil litigation group will help your services be found online. Cardinal’s strategic approach to search engine optimization will grow your website’s search rankings for targeted keywords and markets. We also focus on conversion optimization, which means we don’t just work to drive traffic to your site but convert leads.

Paid Search

Google AdWords and other paid search programs put your ads at the top of the page for people searching online for what you do.

With bid prices starting as low as only a few dollars per click, paid search can often be a very cost-effective way to drive leads. Our ad strategy includes conversion optimization, custom landing pages if needed, and graphic ads. Geo-modifiers are used to control who sees your PPC ad in order manage your budget in the most cost-effective manner.

Social Advertising

Cardinal offers award winning social media management.
Paid social ads allow you to advertise your legal services and civil litigation offices on platforms such as Facebook. Ads can be setup to target users based on details such as location, age, interests and more. Think of a social ad as a digital billboard, displaying to your target audience online.

Web Design

Civil litigation and legal services are in high demand. Those who search for legal services on the internet are steadily growing and are expected to continue to do so.

Helping your clients navigate the legal waters for settling non-criminal disputes, your practice needs to have an optimized website so that it can be found easily online. At Cardinal we’re experienced with designing custom websites for the legal industry.

Reputation management

When it comes to selecting a law office, many people rely on online reviews to determine what place will be the best fit for them. Those who come to you are confident in the quality legal services you provide.

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