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The advent of the internet and the rapid growth of technology has created a whole new way to do marketing and if you’re not keeping up with the changes, then your competition is most likely owning your industry. Therefore, you need a local Chicago marketing agency that can help you get up to speed- and surpass- your competition by utilizing innovative, effective marketing techniques that drive growth and awareness.

Fortunately, Cardinal Chicago Marketing Agency has the best and the brightest marketers that can fix and manage any part of your marketing campaigns. At Cardinal Chicago, we know how todo a holistic analysis on your brand’s efforts from the look and feel of your website and how that relates to your advertising down to the open rates on your email newsletters and what that means for your overall ROI. Then we implement tried and true marketing tactics to improve your results.

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Chicago Marketing Services

It’s a competitive world out there and you need a marketing agency who understands your business and can use your unique position in the industry to get to the top of search engine rankings and better relate to your customers. Therefore, Cardinal’s team of experts create marketing plans that are customized to fit your individual needs. We work 1-on-1 with you to decide what combination of advertising tools best suits your business to facilitate a growth in profits. To help you get the results you need, we utilize:

Pay Per Click Service in Chicago

Paid Search

At Cardinal, our marketing experts specialize in paid search advertising campaigns. After a consultation when we learn about your business, we do a thorough keyword search and evaluate what channels best reach your key audience. We also scope out your competitors to see exactly where and how they have the advantage. Then we create a plan to edge them out and get you to the top of Google search results.

Chicago Programmatic Display Advertising Service

Display Advertising

Along with implementing a solid paid search advertising campaign, Cardinal Chicago marketing agency utilizes programmatic display to allow you to get the most out of your marketing budget. With this tactic, you can reach the right audience at the right time so that the odds of people buying your product or service are better.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

After implementing a marketing campaign, we run A/B testing and consistently monitor every channel, every action, and every process to see how people are moving through the buyer’s funnel and what they are responding to. We readjust the strategy when needed to make sure that every opportunity and action is optimized to its full potential.

Chicago Web Design and Development Agency

Web Design

Cardinal Chicago Marketing Agency not only focuses its efforts on innovative and bulletproof digital advertising campaigns, but we have an amazing creative team that helps you keep messaging and design consistent to build trust and drive home the sale. Therefore, we know how to create web designs that turn leads into customers by putting fun, engaging elements in place that boost conversions.

Chicago Advertising Agency Agency

Facebook Advertising

Along with our organic and paid SEO efforts, we know how many people you can reach through Facebook and other social networks to encourage interaction with your business. We’ll help target the right audience through your Facebook advertising campaigns, keeping them consistent with your other SEO tactics to help build trust, excitement, and influence with your brand.

Transparent Reporting and Analytics

Transparent Reporting and Analytics

Cardinal marketing experts set up your ad campaigns, but we make a concerted effort to ensure that everything is seamless and is working to the very end. Plus, you will personally have access to an online dashboard 24/7 so you can see how your advertising campaigns are performing at your convenience. We test, track, and analyze everything.

What You Get When You Partner with Cardinal

The team at Cardinal Chicago marketing agency makes digital marketing their number one focus. We thrive on creating winning strategies for our local Chicago clients. Therefore,when you choose Cardinal as your Chicago marketing agency, you get:

A Partner
We don’t just want to run your marketing campaigns, we want to hear your ideas about what you think will help grow your business and reach your goals faster.

Undivided Focus
We take the time to understand your business and its goals. We’ll come to your office in Chicago and work to develop a winning campaign customized to your needs. But it doesn’t stop there- we stay in touch as often as you want to make sure it’s performing the way you want it to.

Dedicated Marketing Specialists
We’re never too busy to answer your questions. The marketing specialist that’s right for your business will work side-by-side with you, giving personal updates and helping you through any difficulties along the way.

Up-to-date Reporting
You will receive reports anytime you want them and have 24/7 access to our topnotch team and support.

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Chicago is the third most populated city in the United States, which is surprising considering that it’s so windy all the time. But there are many reasons why 2.7 million call Chicago home. It all started in 1837 when the port to the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River caused it to be a major spot for commerce; out of those two major tributaries Chicago was born and by the mid-19th century this area was booming.

A major fire displaced more than 100,000 residents in 1871, so over the next three decades city planners implemented new zoning and urban planning codes, and creative architects even came up with a new skyscraper design. As people continued to flock to the windy city, it continued to grow into a major hub for technology, finance, telecommunications, transportation, and practically every other necessary industry.

Nowadays, Chicago hosts 58 million visitors per year, many of who fly into O’Hare International Airport- one of the busiest in the world. Chicago is independent, diverse, and balanced in its product offerings, and has an incredible music and culture scene.

And just as your city has continued to grow, Cardinal Chicago marketing agency wants to help your business keep pace with the rapidly changing marketplace. We’re here to walk you through the maze of PPC, SEO, and digital marketing so that you can keep up- or get ahead- of your competitors. We’re here to help you get your marketing approach up to speed and reflective of the times in which you live, keeping your business alive and in line with the rate of inflation.

If you’re ready to grow with a company that understands Chicago like no other and takes the time to get to know you and your business, then call or send us an email today.