DSO Acquisition

5 Marketing Best Practices for DSO Acquisitions

Failing to conduct digital due diligence or planning a post-acquisition marketing strategy can be risky for your DSO. Here are five marketing best practices we recommend to ensure successful mergers…

3 Ways to Boost Patient Volume in 2022

What will be the most effective ways to attract new patients this year? What follows is a closer look at three essential components to incorporate in your patient acquisition strategy.

How the Digital Dental Transformation Can Grow Your Patient Pipeline

The wave of digital transformation has yet to reach the crest. It’s more than just a trend—it’s fundamentally changing the dental industry in profound ways. In this blog post, we…

Healthcare Paid Media Mix

How to Develop the Right Healthcare Paid Media Mix

In your quest to find the holy grail of digital advertising strategies, you’re likely looking for something that’s not only effective at driving revenue but cost-efficient.

5 Core Pillars of PPC Strategies that Win New Patients

As media algorithms evolve and become more sophisticated, so must your advertising strategies. Here are our top five best practices for building a paid search strategy that efficiently increases patient…

What the Consumerization of Healthcare Means for Private Equity

Learn more about the rapid consumerization of healthcare and how private equity groups can focus investments to adapt.

If You Want to Grow, You Need a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy

Healthcare marketers are an adaptable group. They have to be, given how rapidly the landscape seems to change. From technological breakthroughs to global health crises, the way we reach patients…

How 3 Senior Care Organizations Grow with Digital Marketing

The senior care space is poised for a massive resurgence. See exactly how we helped three leading senior care groups build growth-oriented digital marketing strategies.

Top Facebook Advertising Trends for 2022

Each year around this time, we take an in-depth look at how Facebook advertising is changing. What do marketers across industries need to prepare for? What can they do to…

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