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engage with patients through social media

Six Ways to Engage your Patients with Social Media

Social media has become as important to health care as good bedside manner. For your practice, social media can help you gain new patients, strengthen relationships with current patients and…

Social Media’s Growing Role in Healthcare Marketing

While we have all heard “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” the real fruit of the healthcare industry today is social media. Social media is a bridge connecting…

Best Engagement Stories of 2015

How can Social Advertising Help Grow Your Business?

Of course you’ve heard about how businesses can benefit from being on social media, but have you ever considered what it takes to successfully implement a campaign? Previously, we discussed…

Are You Keeping Up with Facebook Advertising?

Advertising has changed drastically in the past decade. Unfortunately, the way that businesses think about advertising is lagging. Traditionally media ad spots were purchased through mediums like television, print and…

Building the Foundation for a Content Calendar

Most people assume that building a content calendar requires writing a simple Facebook status update and incorporating the same simple message across other social media channels like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn,…

25 Tips for Social Media Marketing

Social media — something once thought of as a means of disconnecting people — is now becoming one of the main lifelines keeping people from different cities, backgrounds and generations…

Marketing Lessons from #MyMixify?

Maximize Your Online Presence Using Social Media

What does that even mean and why is it important? Maximizing your online presence means getting the most return for your online efforts. Cardinal Web Solutions can help you maximize…

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