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Facebook Audience Targeting

7 Steps to Implement Facebook Audience Targeting and Increase Conversions

How to Build Effective Landing Pages for Facebook Advertising

Facebook AD Conversion Optimization

Find Your Tribe: How to lower CPA and Boost CTR in Facebook Ad Conversion Optimization

Facebook Ad Campaign

Creating Your First Facebook Ad Campaign

There are roughly seven billion people on Planet Earth. Roughly 2 billion of those people are on Facebook. No other online network boasts that kind of dominance. Not even close.…

The Definitive Guide to Facebook Custom Audience Targeting

Facebook ads can be tricky and confusing for new advertisers. Even for experienced marketers, there’s always something new to learn.

Facebook paid ads are different then Google PPC Ads

Facebook Paid Ads Ain’t PPC Ads. Here’s What You Need to Know

Each and every day, roughly 1.3 billion people actively use Facebook – a statistic that honestly is beyond comprehension.

Increase your facebook audience engagement - tips and tricks

Your Facebook Engagement Is Probably Dipping. Here’s How to Fix It

There’s been a lot of talk about the demise of Facebook. When Snapchat came along, “social media experts” remarked at how teens and young adults flocked to that app, and…

Use Facebook Ads to generate more leads and boost traffic

The Definitive Guide to Using Facebook Ads to Drive Leads and Increase Sales

Content is the lifeblood of effective Facebook advertising. If you want your Facebook ads to get clicks, and drive leads and sales to your business, you need to embrace content…


Creating a Facebook Page for Your Restaurant to Stand Out from the Crowd

Regardless of the size of your restaurant or chain of restaurants, having Facebook and Instagram accounts are as important – if not more important – as having TV ads or…

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