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The Digital Apocalypse

Zombies have slowly but surely taken over our lives! Metaphorical zombies, that is. Now that the hit TV series “The Walking Dead” is FINALLY back for its fourth season, I’ve…

What Is Converged Media?

Discovering Your Media Trifecta Converged Media is the combination of your paid, owned, and earned media.  Which begs the question: what is P.O.E. (paid, owned, and earned media)? Paid Media…

How do I know my competitors aren’t just clicking on my ads all day?

“How do I know my competitors aren’t just clicking on my ads all day?” This is a question our Pay-Per-Click Agency hears on a regular basis when talking with clients and…

Enhanced Campaigns – Google’s Answer to the Mobile Movement

Before I launch into a long diatribe about the potential benefits, challenges, and nuances surrounding the ‘Enhanced Campaigns‘ roll-out Google announced this week, it’s important to first take a step…

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