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3 Ways a Digital Marketing Agency Can Get You to Value Faster

For private-equity-backed businesses, fast and scalable growth is the name of the game. While digital marketing plays a crucial role in these growth-oriented environments, which model—in-house marketing vs. hiring an…

Digital Marketing’s Role in Value Creation

To distinguish your private equity (PE) firm as a leader in value creation, you need to be consistent in three core areas: risk mitigation, revenue growth, and cost control. The…

How to Build Data-Driven Marketing that Creates Portfolio Value

Nobody is particularly interested in portfolio companies with data problems. However, without reliable operational and financial data, it can be quite challenging to manage the performance of portfolio companies, make…

Best Practices for Centralizing Marketing After A Merger

5 Best Practices for Centralizing Marketing Post-Merger

So, you’re merging new acquisitions, and you need to integrate and centralize marketing functions. Sounds like fun! Well, maybe not fun. But you’re wise to centralize marketing after a merger.…

private equity web design

Scalable SEO Web Design for High-Growth Multi-Location Brands

private equity due diligence

Why These 5 Parts of Digital Due Diligence Are Essential To Proper Valuations

If you’re not conducting digital due diligence as part of your acquisition strategy, you’re exposing yourself to additional risk. We live in a digital world, where having the proper technological…

Private Equity Digital Marketing Playbook for High-Growth Multi-Location Businesses

When faced with lofty revenue goals for a new multi-location business, you need a repeatable digital marketing framework: one that is scalable, as well as time- and cost-efficient. Anything less…

5 Digital Marketing Technologies to Rapidly Scale Growth

Working in a high-growth environment is a bit of a whirlwind, isn’t it? To keep pace with competition and grow at speed, private-equity firms must constantly look for ways to…

private equity backed healthcare organizaitons

How 3 Private Equity-Backed Healthcare Groups are Scaling Growth

The pace of consolidation continues to quicken across the healthcare industry. By most estimates, hospital mergers and acquisitions will remain robust through the end of 2021 (at least). Unsurprisingly, the…

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