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How Do People Find and Choose Lawyers?

So it makes perfect sense for you to know how and where 21st-century prospects find and choose their lawyers. Through our experience providing digital marketing services for law firms, as…

The importance of social proof for your prospective clients

For starters, most people looking for a lawyer are likely doing so while in an agitated state. As important as lawyers are to both individuals and businesses, few people actually…

How to use a free download to grow your law firm’s client base

For your law firm, a conversion typically means getting a potential client to interact with your site, not just visit it. To this day, the single best tactic to convert…

Optimizing Your Legal Marketing for Google’s Quick Answer Box

Often, the box will pop up when someone Google’s a question that can be answered in a sentence or two. This box pulls content from a relevant site, then credits the…

How to Win Free Advertising

While pay per click advertising can be a powerful tool for people promoting their legal practices online, it is not the only avenue available for promotion. You can get a…

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