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Ignite digital marketing healthcare podcast

Podcast Ep. 4 – How To Dominate Google With PPC + SEO

Smart marketers know it’s not SEO versus PPC; you need both. See how these two foundational tactics work together to increase brand awareness and your visibility on search.

Ignite digital marketing healthcare podcast

Podcast Ep. 3: Are Your Facebook Ad Campaigns Ready for iOS14?

The battle that has been brewing between Apple and Facebook is coming to a head and marketers need to prepare their digital advertising campaigns. As Apple’s iOS operating system upgrades…

Ignite digital marketing healthcare podcast

Podcast Ep. 2: The Rise of Digital In Healthcare Marketing

This episode of Ignite takes a look at the biggest changes that have occurred in healthcare marketing in the past year. Our hosts discuss how the pandemic has accelerated virtual…

Ignite digital marketing healthcare podcast

Podcast Ep. 1: Healthcare Marketing Insights From Cardinal’s Experts

Welcome to the new Ignite Digital Marketing Podcast. We’re bringing together Cardinal’s top healthcare marketing experts to share the high-level digital strategies and tactical advice that will help you reach…

Amy Marshall from Ohio Health, Details How Digital & Traditional Marketing Has Helped Ignite Growth in Their Partner Network

National Vision Eyecare

How Paul Gross, CMO of National Vision, Increased Patient Acquisition at Optical Retail Locations

Salesforce Tower

Matt Kelly from Salesforce on How Medical Practices and Healthcare Organizations Can Use Modern Technology to Increase Patient Volume

American Family Care

How Kurt Lee Hurley, CMO of American Family Care, is growing his urgent care group by implementing multi-local marketing best practices

Insights from the Nation’s Leading Healthcare Marketers

To be the best in any business, you have to learn, take risks, and iterate your strategies. Those that fine-tune their marketing strategies are better able to meet evolving consumer…

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