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How to Uncover Patient Insights for Better Campaigns

Healthcare marketers don’t have a choice: monitoring performance metrics is crucial to success. The numbers matter! What marketers sometimes forget is that there’s also a person behind the metrics they…

7 Tips for Improving Conversions and Driving More Appointments

The world of healthcare marketing moves fast. If you’re not getting the results you expected from digital marketing campaigns or failing to meet industry benchmarks, your conversion rates might be…

How to Get More from Your Online Reviews

Healthcare consumers care a heck of a lot about reviews. Going online to check out the Google reviews for a particular practice, for example, or directory ratings for a specific…

How to Create an RFP That Finds You the Ideal Marketing Agency

So, you want to hire an agency to help you launch your next big marketing thing. A flagship advertising campaign, maybe. Or a spiffy new website. Now, you already know…

Choosing an agency for healthcare digital marketing

How to Select a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Healthcare Organization

Digital marketing agencies are like a box of chocolates. Only, you do have some control over what you get. It just takes a more complete understanding of the types of…

7 Marketing Technologies Every Healthcare Organization Needs

For an industry that depends on an ability to reach people and provide care, healthcare still struggles to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends. Data analytics, marketing tracking,…

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