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Google Analytics 202: Get Insights to Boost Your Search Visibility Quickly

You already know that content is a major part of a successful website. For your business to grow, it needs a constant flow of high-quality content, but how often do…

Taking a Page Out of Netflix to Funnel Folks to Conversions

The word “content” is nothing new to modern-day marketers. We’ve heard the phrase content is king more times than we’ve heard the phrase thank you. We know that video content…


How to Use Your Competitors’ SEO Strategies Against Them

There’s a basic tenet in marketing – find out the mindset of your customers and speak their language. That’s easier said than done. An entrepreneur who’s been chest-deep in his…

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Paid Search vs Organic (SEO)- or Should it be Paid Search + SEO?

Walk into a room full of digital marketers and ask them which is more effective, paid search or organic search traffic, and somehow you’ll walk away with 10 different answers.…


13 Google AdWords Hacks to Increase Click-Through Rate and ROI

Google AdWords is not just the biggest ad network but it’s clearly a market leader. Google had 75.8% US search ad revenue in 2016 which is expected to jump to…


Create Paid Ads that Build Trust with Your Prospective Patients

Since the dawn of marketing, customers have mistrusted paid advertising. They know better than to believe that 3 out of 4 dentists choose one toothpaste over another, and they know…


PPC Ad Tips: Using Motivation to Make Users Click

We’re sure you’re familiar with it, but do you see what we see? Those two ads atop the page, as well as the five organic results beneath them, are all…


How to use Facebook’s Ad Relevance Score to Improve Performance

Introduced in 2015, Facebook’s Ad Relevance Score has successfully confounded marketers and advertisers for the last two years. But with the steady onslaught of Facebook Ads, and with News Feeds…


Want to Build Up Your Influencer Status? Embrace the Written Word

These days having a great idea, desirable products to sell or good funding isn’t enough – you need to demonstrate yourself – or your brand – as a leader in…

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