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Performing Voice Search on Siri

10 Ways to Optimize Your SEO Campaigns for the Voice-First World

User Experience - how to make successful SEO strategy

7 Reasons Why User Experience (UX) is The New SEO Success Formula

Ignite Your Growth with Cardinal Digital Marketing Agency

2017 in Review by Cardinal’s CEO – Alex Membrillo

In-app and mobile messaging: How to engage with, and convert visitors

in an age where real-time communication is as easy as downloading an app like WhatsApp, brands need to rethink how they choose to build trust with the people who matter…

Content Ideas that will help you in Digital Marketing Campaign

13 Content Ideas That Will Go Viral and Earn Natural Backlinks

The Definitive Guide to Facebook Custom Audience Targeting

Facebook ads can be tricky and confusing for new advertisers. Even for experienced marketers, there’s always something new to learn.

CPA Bidding Strategies Explained

How to Succeed with CPA Bidding and Maximize ROI on Google AdWords

Google AdWords has a lot of tools that you can use to improve your campaign and get awesome results. You need to take advantage of these tools, especially when bidding…

AMP Landing Page Optimization

The World of AMP Landing Pages Has Arrived. How it Impacts Your Advertising

So it should come as no surprise that digital advertisers the world over are, at this very moment, looking over their mobile landing pages. That’s because Google has just announced…

Facebook paid ads are different then Google PPC Ads

Facebook Paid Ads Ain’t PPC Ads. Here’s What You Need to Know

Each and every day, roughly 1.3 billion people actively use Facebook – a statistic that honestly is beyond comprehension.

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