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13 Ways To Promote a Local Business With Google Adwords

Facebook AD Conversion Optimization

How to Lower CPA and Boost CTR in Facebook Ad Conversion Optimization

Creating the First PPC Campaign for Your Medical Practice

While organic marketing strategies (SEO) can be effective in growing the reach of your practice, most medical professionals still prefer to invest their dollars in PPC campaigns, and for good…

Paid Search Marketing 101: A Guide to PPC for Your University


13 Google AdWords Hacks to Increase Click-Through Rate and ROI

Google AdWords is not just the biggest ad network but it’s clearly a market leader. Google had 75.8% US search ad revenue in 2016 which is expected to jump to…


Create Paid Ads that Build Trust with Your Prospective Patients

Since the dawn of marketing, customers have mistrusted paid advertising. They know better than to believe that 3 out of 4 dentists choose one toothpaste over another, and they know…


PPC Ad Tips: Using Motivation to Make Users Click

We’re sure you’re familiar with it, but do you see what we see? Those two ads atop the page, as well as the five organic results beneath them, are all…


How to Write Killer PPC Text Ads to Boost Your Medical Practice

Still, an ad’s headline remains its most important feature. Within your text ad, your description line, display URL, and ad extensions only exist to complement the headlines. Where are your…

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