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Digital Marketing Agency Working at Meeting

7 Reasons You Should Hire an Agency to Manage Your Google and Facebook Ads

Out of all the mediums of advertising, online digital marketing is the cheapest per impression. That's because the Internet is the cheapest form of communication media the world has ever…

google ads versus yelp ads

Google Ads Versus Yelp Ads: Which Advertising Platform is Better?

Choices, choices, choices—where should I put my marketing budget? This is hands down one of the most common questions that clients ask me. Although I hate giving non-answers, I always…

Google Ads Vs Bing Ads: Which is the Best PPC Platform?

Google Ads Versus Bing Ads: Which is the Best PPC Platform?

When someone talks about paid search or pay-per-click advertising, they usually are referring to Google Ads and for good reason. After all, Google dominates the search engine space by grabbing…

are google ads effective and a good strategy for my business?

Are Google Ads Effective? Is This Advertising Strategy Right for You?

So, you’ve spent a lot of time, money, and other resources for creating and setting up a website for your business. Now, what?

help with google ads

Need Help with Google Ads? A Quick Google Ads 101

When it comes to digital marketing strategies, there are many methods that you can use to reach new customers and grow your business. Among these strategies, one of the most…

how do google ads work?

How Do Google Ads Work? Learn the Basics

If you have an online business, it’s a given that you should do advertising. Otherwise, how will you put your product or service out there and in front of your…

Are Google Ads Worth It?

Are Google Ads Worth It?

For any business owner who has a website, ranking on the first page of Google for certain keywords is everything. There are many strategies for ranking your website including search…

11 PPC Tools You Can Use to Easily Promote Your Medical Website

11 PPC Tools to Optimize Your Medical PPC Campaigns

For most business websites, securing the top position on Google is the ultimate goal. A medical website is no different.

3 Examples of Healthcare Companies Using Google Ads to Generate Leads

3 Examples of Healthcare Companies Using Google Ads to Generate Leads

If you’re trying to reach more people and SEO isn’t proving effective, you might want to consider paid search advertising. Paid search, specifically using Google Ads, can get you front…

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